Madison Week In Music + Ticket Giveaways (6.16-6.22): Megafaun, and CocoRosie


Just a few shows to share with you this week, so we hope you’ll be able to squeeze both of them into your busy schedules.  Megafaun (June 17th, High Noon Saloon) and CocoRosie (June 19th, Barrymore Theatre) are artists who aren’t afraid to experiment, and push sonic boundaries a bit—-they just do it in different ways.  Read on to see what we mean, and find out how you could win tickets to the shows!


Thursday, June 17, 2010

MEGAFAUN with SAM QUINN (of the everybodyfields) and ICARUS HIMSELF

Genre: Indie, Freak Folk, Americana

Sounds Like: Bowerbirds, Horse Feathers, The Tallest Man On Earth

Win A Pair Of Tickets: With Megafaun’s song,  “The Longest Day” in mind, we want to know what yours was. For either good reasons or bad, tell us about a day that seemed to go on and on for you?  Post your responses in the comments section by this Tuesday, and you might just win a pair of tickets to the show.

Show Info: High Noon Saloon – 9pm – $10 adv $12 dos – 18+


Saturday, June 19 2010


Genre: Experimental, Indie, Pop

Sounds Like: Antony and the Johnsons, Joanna Newsom, Bat For Lashes

Win A Pair Of Tickets: We’re having a special ticket giveaway for this show on Wednesday, June 16th.  Be sure to check back to find out how you could win tickets to the show.

Show Info: Barrymore Theatre – 8pm – $20 adv $22 dos – all ages


Winners will be chosen and notified tomorrow, June 15th.

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9 Responses

  1. The longest day I can remember was sitting in an airport from 6am to 5pm because every flight I was switched to was cancelled. There’s only so many crossword puzzles a person can do before they start to lose it.

  2. My longest day was waiting in the hospital while someone had surgery. The clock has never moved slower.

  3. I believe the longest day is June 21st, which is the Summer Solstice and thus Daylights Savings; correct? I kid, I kid.

    In all honesty…
    My longest day has been everyday for the last 13 months. I am planning a wedding and the planning never ends. However, I am hopeful my longest day will be June 26; the day I marry my best friend.

    • There’s 24 hours every day of the year, even on June 21st.

      • I dont think that necessarily true…. plz explain how this is so? I agree with Kate, that is indeed the longest day of the yr. At midnight the clock moves back an hour, technically making it a 25 hour day…. right?

        Well done Katie!!! All the best best and have a wonderful wedding! I hope you win,,, Or here is my attempt –

        The longest day ever – The first day of man.


        • They are both right and wrong, factually speaking. The day in which clocks are set back an hour (daylight savings ENDS) would make for a 25 hour day. However, daylight savings doesn’t begin on June 21st. It most often begins in mid to late spring, and ends in the fall. The summer solstice (June 21st or 22nd) is the day with the longest amount of daylight, but not the longest day. It’s 24 hours long.

  4. Well… lets do an analysis…

    Monday = 6 letters
    Tuesday = 7 letters
    Wednesday = 9 letters
    Thursday = 8 letters
    Friday = 6 letters
    Saturday = 8 letters
    Sunday = 6 letters

    Wednesdays clearly are the longest days for everybody; its simple math. And I flunked Math.

  5. Also, dude time is relative.

  6. You guys are all over this! hahaha Awesome. The contest is now closed (Congrats, Nick!), but let the debate rage on….

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