Madison Concert Ticket Giveaway: CocoRosie


By now you’re probably tired of us telling you all about the fantastical musical stylings of the Cassady sisters, a.k.a. CocoRosie.  We know what you really want—free tickets!  Read on to find out how you can enter to win a pair of ’em to their upcoming Madison show at The Barrymore.


Saturday, June 19 2010


Barrymore Theatre – 8pm

$20 adv $22 dos – all ages


If you missed our previous posts the first time around, you can find out more about CocoRosie (and download some free tunes) here, here, and here.

Win A Pair Of Tickets: In a strange way, CocoRosie’s new video for “Lemonade” (above) overwhelms us with nostalgia.  Even the title itself brings back memories of peddling Dixie cups at the end of the driveway on hot summer days.

We want to hear about some of your favorite childhood memories.  Post ’em in the comments below by tomorrow (Thursday, June 17th).  A winner will be chosen and notified shortly thereafter.  Good luck!

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7 Responses

  1. In childhood, a very different place & time, I remember finding an entire tin man washed down the arroyo behind my home in the desert. The sculpture was magic. I dragged him to a fort my friends & I had made from mesquite boughs, rocks & bricks; we never told our parents. He was a suit of armor, a sentinel, and perhaps something to fear. One day he was gone–must have walked away.

  2. A fond memory of mine is kissing my grandpa on the cheek and swallowing a whisker. The memory of my grandpa, who we all called Bapa, will always be in a room, with a specific setting. Sitting in his worn brown leather Lazy boy, stage right, in a wood furnished room. The wood shutters were always drawn shut, slivers of light shining through, the only movement in the room is dust directed by the slightest movements, and the flicker of the T.V. Sports was the only things he watched, plus the news. The smell of the room was not stuffy, but warm from the doors being shut, with a hint of Bapa’s scent. When visiting Bapa, we made sure to say our fond hellos and goodbyes with a hug and a kiss on the cheek. Between hello and goodbye we would play dress up in the what is now Heidi’s room. We always respected his space, even though I’m sure he would not mind the quiet company of children. On one occasion my father told us it was time to go and to kiss Bapa goodbye. I hopped on his lap, wrapped my arms around him and kissed him on his cheek, must have kissed a little too hard because I ended up swallowing a whisker. The thought I had right after was, wondering where that whisker would go and hoping it would stay lodged somewhere in my throat so he could always be with me forever. It is the feeling of the whisker that is the strongest part of my memory.

    • You hands down deserved that win!!! I was feeling sentimental, so I read it! haha I wish I could remember if I ever swallowed one..

  3. After a hard day playing in the summer sun, mom would call my brother and I in from the back door just before dusk to come in and get ready for bed. Reluctantly and after a few more hollers (and ever increasing annoyance in mom’s voice) we would go in for a good scrub up.

    Then through the final bits of summer light we would traipse across the field across from our house in our pjs (me with my blankie) to the local A&W for root beer floats, our bedtime treat. Sometimes we would get little mugs of root beer while we sat on the counter stools waiting for the floats. I can still remember the feeling of my nylon night gown on the vinyl stools (it was slippery).

    When the last drops of melted ice cream and root beer were consumed I was often to weary to walk back home. With the street lights on and fireflies a flicker, I would get carried home and carefully placed in bed. I loved getting out of brushing my teeth before bed. Some things never change.

  4. Favorite Childhood Memory – My first friend ever, when I was 4 years old. She lived behind my house up the hill at an apartment complex that her grandparents managed. We grew up together until she moved away when i was 9. We would run through the 200 apartment-complex and change people’s door mats. We would wait for the cute mail man everyday during the summer and giggle and giggle as he walked by. We would scavenge the laundry rooms for lost change. We were always up to something and that apartment complex was our playground 🙂

  5. These memories are all SO sweet. Thanks for sharing, guys! The winner of the contest is Helen, but we hope to see all of you at the show in a few days. Check back on Monday for more chances to win free tickets to upcoming TE shows!

  6. Thanks to everyone for entering. Hope you enoyed the show!

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