Live Concert Photos: Melvins @ High Noon Saloon (6.26.10)

The Melvins Buzz Osborne 2 @ The High Noon Saloon

It was just another Saturday night at the High Noon Saloon—just another Saturday night with Totimoshi and sonic legends The Melvins blowing the doors down, that is!

Every beat felt like a gunshot; every sludge chord was a tribute to pointed anger and recklessness. The pit seethed with the benevolent brutality we all know and love.  These guys still got it after nearly 30 years!  Was there even any doubt?

Check out photos from the show below.

Totimoshi Opens…

Totimoshi Base @ The High Noon Saloon

Totimoshi drums @ The Highnoon Saloon

Totimoshi guitar @ The Highnoon Saloon

Totimoshi bass @ The Highnoon Saloon

Enter Melvins

The Melvins Buzz Osborne @ The High Noon Saloon

The Melvins' Dale Crover @ The High Noon Saloon

The Melvins Jared Warren @ The High Noon Saloon

The Melvins' Coady Willis @ The High Noon Saloon

Crowed @ The High Noon Saloon

Surfer @ The High Noon Saloon

Surf @ The High Noon Saloon

Appreciating The Melvins @ The High Noon Saloon

Sumac @ The High Noon Saloon

The Pit @ The High Noon Saloon

(C) Christian Hansen 2010

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5 Responses

  1. Wow! If the show was half intense as the photos…the doors must’ve been blown right off their hinges!

  2. Intense doesn’t begin to describe this band….they are amazing. The precision pounding, their total in sync-ness, it is mind blowing.

    thanks for the cool photos christian…good job!

  3. Really really really enjoyed this show! So glad you enjoy the pics. What really surprised me was the sheer range of the people that turned out to see them. It was a 21 to like 75 age range. In the extras this 75yr old guy is standing on his chair, punching the air. Serious rock’n’roll.

  4. Fuck Yeah!!! Do you have any more photos from that night? I put up the one with me being held up the whole time during “The Kicking Machine” as my FB profile pic… This show kicked ass.

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