Free MP3 Download From Menomena + Full Album Stream


This Portland-based indie threesome will release their fourth studio album, Mines, next Tuesday (July 27th).  If you just can’t wait that long to feast your ears on the springy, jubilant noise of Menomena, then hop on over to NPR where all album tracks are currently being streamed.  Want one for your very own?  We’ve got a free mp3 download of “TAOS” right here:

Menomena – “TAOS”

And don’t forget!  These guys will be in Madison on September 24th at The High Noon Saloon. If you liked the recent show from Bear In Heaven, or bands like Wolf Parade, Broken Social Scene, TV On The Radio, Spoon, or Sunset Rubdown, you won’t be sorry you came.  Get your tickets here.

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2 Responses

  1. Coolest promo picture ever.

  2. I LOVE YOU MENOMENA. you are extra crispy.

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