Artists You Should Know: The New Pornographers

New Pornographers

Since the beginning of rock n’ roll, two factors have lead the cause of band breakups:  1) veering creative differences of lead singers and 2) interband sexual tension.  However, even after 13 years, The New Pornographers truck on tighter than ever, despite 3 lead singers, 2 songwriters, and an overwhelming amount of male and female talent.

With the majority of the band’s members playing multiple instruments, The New Pornos are heavily armed in their instrumentation arsenal. Wurlitzers, mandolins and banjos hide in the cervices of twangy rhythm guitars and subtle bass lines. But a crowded stage doesn’t lead to a crowded sound. The New Pornos understand the “less is more” philosophy. Despite an overpowering mass of instruments and vocal microphones, members share the limelight, and unselfish musicianship allows it to all come together.

Pop hooks have always been piled high by The New Pornos, which is why they are careful to make sure their riffs don’t sound too familiar. “We’re jamming so many influences together all at the same time that it’s too dense a salad to be something that you could put your finger on or pick apart,” said bassist John Collins in an interview with the Cornell Sun.

The New Pornographers’ sound manages to straddle the fine line between indie and mainstream, snagging fans from multiple generations and musical palettes. While “scene-cred” was probably never a concern for the band, they’ve earned it nonetheless.

Canadian indie-pop outfit The New Pornographers bring their indie-pop mojo to the historic Orpheum Theatre on Wednesday, August 4.  The Dodos kick off the night at 8pm.  Get your tickets here.

-Brett Newski

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  1. One of my favorite songs of all time…

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