Artists You Should Know: Rooney


Rooney has overcome obstacles that left other bands in shambles. When many fell apart due to member changes and record label conflicts, Rooney used their unfortunate experiences to forge ahead in their journey.  For example, after recently cutting ties with Geffen Records, Rooney released their latest album, Eureka, on their newly formed label, California Dreamin’.  Critics have called their latest effort “fantastic,” breezy,” and “upbeat,” and we can’t wait to hear the new tunes in person when they stop by The High Noon Saloon next Wednesday.  Read on to find out how these California kids got to where they are today.

Rooney’s self-titled debut found success when the band was featured on an episode of the television show The O.C. back in 2003. Bringing in noticeable influences from Electric Light Orchestra and The Beach Boys with their clean sound and tight harmonies, Rooney made themselves accessible to more than just the younger crowd. Songs like “Shakin’” and “Blueside” had an energetic, summery sound that was nothing short of infectious.

The band hit some major roadblocks while producing their follow-up record. Differences between the group and their label ultimately caused Rooney to start from scratch after already producing two albums’ worth of songs. The band pushed forward and finally released Calling the World in 2007, which gave listeners more of what they came to expect from Rooney – bright, catchy, throwback pop. While some critics argued that summoning other musical influences prevented Rooney from finding their own distinctive sound, it was hard to argue that the band’s ability to craft solid pop songs was less than authentic.

Now, at a turning point in their career, Rooney no longer suffers the restraints of a major record label to hold them back from giving their full, creative effort. Fresh off the release of Eureka in June, Madison fans will get to experience this new phase in Rooney’s career first-hand when they perform at the High Noon Saloon on August 11.  Get tickets to the show here.

–Jacob Johnson

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