R.I.P. Mikey Larsen

Mikey Eyedea Larsen

It’s with great sadness that we report Mikey “Eyedea” Larsen has passed away.  He was found dead by his mother, Kathy Averill, over the weekend. The cause of his death is unknown at this time.

Larsen performed as one half of the veteran indie Twin Cities-based hip hop act Eyedea & Abilities, a favorite among Madison music fans.  His remarkable talent and endearing personality will be greatly missed by all who knew him.


One Response

  1. Mikey had a boyish swagger and a rapier wit. He carried his heart on his sleeve — his vulnerability was not easily masked. He was wild, untamed, in touch with his pain, willing to convey that through his art. Watch the video for “Smile.” It’s telling, almost spooky.

    Eyedea rose to the top as a kid, as a teenager, still in high school. Maybe the fame hit him too soon. Maybe it was a curse as much as a blessing.

    I wish to God, Mikey, that you would have made it through, that you would have lived a full life, sharing your art and your clever rhymes. I’m so sad we won’t get to see you anymore. I’ll never forget your “smile.”

    (We’ll be holding a tribute to Mikey at the k-os show this Friday at High Noon. The show will be in his memory. We’ll be donating a portion of the proceeds for his memorial expenses and will be accepting donations for the same.)

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