Post Your Concert Memories To Win Tickets To Any Show In 2011!

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It’s hard to believe that 2010 is already drawing to a close.  There have been so many amazing musical moments that we’ve been honored to share with you, and we’d like to know what shows stand out in your mind as you reflect on the last twelve months.

If you can choose a favorite that stands above them all, we’d love for you to post a comment about it, explaining what made the performance so special.  Feel free to link to pictures or video of the concert in your response.  By doing so, you’ll be entered to win a pair of tickets to any of our 2011 shows currently on sale (as of 12.20.10).

Please post your comments by this Thursday, December 23.  The winner will be notified shortly thereafter.  Good luck!


7 Responses

  1. I think one of my favorite shows this year was Wilco at the overture. Not only was the overture a beautiful hall to hear a concert in, but it was the first time I’ve successfully made it to a Wilco show after 6 or 7 attempts over the last 6 years. It ruled.

  2. I went to see The Great Lake Swimmers at The Marquette Waterfront Festival. It was cloudy, cold, and it rained on and off. However, at one point Tony Dekker stood alone on stage and played “Imaginary Bars”. It was at that point the sun came out and shined on us all. It was perfect timing.

  3. Seeing Mumford & Sons (along with Cadillac Sky & King Charles) at the Riverside in Milwaukee is the closest I have had to religious experience recently. It was breath taking. I literally wanted to cry. This live show restored my faith in life, people and the human spirit all at the same time! It was amazing how engaged and appreciative the entire audience was. Just beautiful; I had goose bumps all the way home.

    • Even men are screaming “I love youuuuu!”. That must’ve been one incredible show. The stage is (literally) packed with talent, wow. Thanks for sharing your vids!

  4. All things considered, I’m not sure if I’m eligible for this or not- I just like coming up with new ways to retell this;

    I woke up 3 hours earlier than usual, drove 4 hours with my friend Jesse, and waited for more than 6 hours to see Calexico and Arcade Fire. By the time their set ended, my concept of time and memory of preceding events had vanished. I’ve seen a lot of shows and hope to see many more but I’m not sure if anyone can achieve the levels of grandeur Arcade Fire managed for their tour kick-off. Their set was perfectly placed, even thematic in song sequencing, the lighting and stage setup was beyond perfection, and the performances (both individual members and overall band) were the most cathartic thing I’ve ever witnessed. Having the evening end with Win Butler leaning over the guardrail to let me strum the final chord to Wake Up on his guitar? An unforgettable moment. The ride back home seemed nonexistant as Jesse and myself were both in elevated states of bliss. If I do see a performance that outmatches this someday (which I’m beginning to think is unlikely), it’s going to be one hell of a show.

  5. Wow. The vids and memories posted speak volumes for the power of the live music experience. Thanks to everyone for your thoughtful replies.

    Just a reminder that the contest ends tomorrow! Anyone else up for sharing their concert memories of 2010?

  6. OK guys, the contest is now closed. Thanks again to all who shared their concert memories.

    Our ticket winner is Kyna. Congratulations!

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