Free MP3 Download From The Budos Band: “Unbroken, Unshaven”

Budos Band

“The Budos Band is 12 people who all lock into sync with the military precision of James Brown and Fela Kuti’s tightest ’60s and ’70s ensembles. Like those sprawling units, these Daptone recording artists possess an innate feel for the deepest funk rhythms and the most rousing Afrobeat arrangements. Because they use no vocals, the onus is on the Budos Band’s instrumental prowess. This is primal, percussion-heavy music that’ll make your soul sweat.” –The Stranger

How much fun is this song!?  It’s just not possible to sit still while listening to the funky soul sounds of Saten Island’s The Budos Band.

FREE MP3 DOWNLOAD: The Budos Band – “Unbroken, Unshaven”

Get your tickets to see the band live in Madison at the High Noon Saloon on Tuesday, April 19 here.  And don’t forget to check back in the days following the show.  We’ll be posting oodles concert photos from the evening right here on the blog.

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