Madison Concert Ticket Giveaway: Wilco


Tickets to see one of the most beloved bands on the planet play Madison’s Overture Hall this Wednesday night have been sold out for a while now, but if you missed out on buying yours, we’re giving you one last chance to see Wilco play, today only!  Read on to find out how you could win a pair of tickets to the show!


Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Jam Productions and True Endeavors present


Overture Hall – 7:30pm – $40 ADV and DOS – Seated Show – All Ages




Wilco rose from the ashes of the seminal roots rock band Uncle Tupelo, which disbanded in 1994. While Jay Farrar, one of the group’s two singer/songwriters, went on to form Son Volt, his ex-partner Jeff Tweedy established Wilco along with the remaining members of Tupelo’s final incarnation, which included drummer Ken Coomer as well as part-time bandmates John Stirratt (bass) and Max Johnston (mandolin, banjo, fiddle, and lap steel). Guitarist Jay Bennett rounded out the group, which in 1995 issued its debut album, A.M., a collection of spry country-rock tunes that followed the course established in Tweedy’s earlier work.

Wilco’s sophomore effort, 1996’s two-disc set Being There, marked a radical transformation in the group’s sound; while remaining steeped in the style that earned Tweedy his reputation, the songs took unexpected detours into psychedelia, power pop, and soul, complete with orchestral touches and R&B horn flourishes. Shortly after the release of Being There, which most critics judged to be among the year’s best releases, Johnston left the group to play with his sister, singer Michelle Shocked, and was replaced by guitarist Bob Egan of the band Freakwater. At the same time, while remaining full-time members of Wilco, Stirratt, Bennett, and Coomer also began performing together in the pop side project Courtesy Move. In 1998, Wilco collaborated with singer/songwriter Billy Bragg on Mermaid Avenue, a collection of performances based on unreleased material originally written by Woody Guthrie…



WIN A PAIR OF TICKETS: In “Wilco (The Song)” the band reminds fans that they will be their “sonic shoulder for you to cry.”  We want to know which of the songs in Wilco’s extensive catalog has brought you the most comfort and why.  Post your responses in the comments section below.

Please have your comments posted by tonight (October 4, 2011) at 6:00 pm.  A winner will be chosen and notified shortly thereafter.  Good luck!


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19 Responses

  1. For the past several years, “My Darling” has been my husband’s lullaby of choice for me. Despite the difficulty I sometimes have getting to sleep, this song always seems to do the trick. Very comforting, indeed.

  2. “Remember the Mountain Bed” from Mermaid Avenue. Jeff Tweedy’s gentle, rolling melody is the perfect accompaniment for Woody Guthrie’s beautiful words that speak to the true meaning of home. It’s a moving, centering song that never fails to put my mind at ease.

  3. Heavy Metal Drummer became my favorite song after my daughter, 8 at the time, came inside all red and flushed to tell me she had a new favorite song on her mp3 player. I asked her what it was and she told me Heavy Metal Drummer. She went on to tell me that she had been dancing to it in the driveway and people kept slowing down and looking at her as they drove by. I smiled and said as long as your having fun that’s all that matters. She said she didn’t care she loved the song and was going to go back out and dance. I watched her dance from the living room window with her mp3 player in hand and headphones on dancing in perfect time to her new favorite song. How could it not become my favorite Wilco song from that point on.

  4. “One Wing” … I was going through a breakup when this Album came out and I remember hearing this song for the first time and getting goosebumps all over. It captured exactly how I felt about the our past and well our lack there of a future. Needless to say I’m way over that relationship in part due to this song but every time I hear it it takes me right back to that time in my life. Wilco can do that…

  5. “When you wake up feeling old” is my choice for this category. When I listen to this song it reminds me that I’m not alone and have tons of life left for living. What happens today Also, the Wisco version sung by Flight is really great.

  6. “California Stars”
    I first heard it washing dishes in an industrial kitchen. I immediately felt lightened. It’s been a favorite ever since. When I feel beaten down by a face full of sleet in the winter or when i’m feeling the weight of working against the destrusctive walker agenda or any time i need to “dream my troubles all away” its there. soft vocal melody and gentle expansive steel licks sound like the beauty of hope, simplicity and freedom within.

  7. “She’s A Jar” – Feels like a reflection on life. All the good, the bad. The happiness and the tears. Losing loved ones and the gaining of clarity. The bitter end and new beginnings. A gentle kiss and a poetic good bye. Comfort is in the knowing that life is made up of all these things and welcoming then with open arms.

    The song makes me think…I like that.

  8. “Either Way”
    This song has helped me through so many challenging points in my life. If I’m ever struggling with a relationship, a big decision, or any of the other things life can throw at a person, I pull out Sky Blue Sky and press play. The lyrics speak to me of accepting things the way they are. Letting go can be hard, but sometimes it’s for the best. The playful and uplifting guitar solo also brightens my spirits. All in all, this song is the best medicine I can imagine when I’m brooding and in need of some direction.

  9. The guitar solo/second half of ALTWYS, after Tweedy stops speaking. That’s it.

  10. Can’t Stand It from Summerteeth.
    I had switched jobs and was having a miserable summer. My equally miserable colleague, Will just loved this CD and I asked him if he’d play the “Armageddon” song for me because it was just how I felt. “Armageddon?” he asked. That’s not a Wilco song. I tried to sing it and he cracked up (and not just because I have a terrible voice) “They’re not saying ‘it’s armageddon’ they’re saying ‘it’s all beginning.'”
    It was beginning to feel like it was ending– I gave notice shortly after Will did.
    The song was a reassuring chorus in my head all summer and I still smile when I hear those first few notes of the intro.

  11. wishful thinking…..sounds are beautiful and the lyrics “fill up your mind as far it will go don’t forget that your body can let it all go” could easily be mediation instructions.
    it is also a lovely and intimate song about love the way that ideal visions of romance open us to both hurt and wonder at the same time.

  12. “Hesitating Beauty” off of Billy Bragg/Wilco’s “Mermaid Avenue” has undoubtedly brought a timeless sense of serenity in a turbulent world. The song embodies everything we want, appealing to our most inner desires as Tweedy sings “We can ramble hand in hand across the grasses of our land, I’ll kiss you for each leaf on every tree”. His embodiment and delivery of Guthrie’s writing style is unique and refreshing. Laced over Tweedy’s fingerpicking and strumming, this song is designed for a nice nap in the park surrounded by those you love, falling asleep with a smile on your face.

  13. Jesus, etc. – I’m always stunned that it was written before 9/11, because the images evoked in the song never fail to make me reflect on that day.

  14. “Misunderstood”. I think everyone has felt misunderstood at some point. The song is a time machine. Back in your old neighborhood, the cigarettes taste so good. True Endeavors, I’d like to thank you all for nothing, nothing, nothing, nothing at all…

  15. “How to Fight the Loneliness” is the most beautiful and yet heartbreaking song. Everytime I’m feeling down, trying to fight through the sadness and put on a mask of happiness, I think of this song. It shows that no matter how hard you try to fight sadness, it’s always depe inside you. You can smile on the outside, but it won’t lessen the pain on the inside. This song has brought me so much comfort during times when i’m just aching inside and feeling like no one can understand me so I keep everything to myself. Although it’s a bittersweet song, it’s comforted me by reminding me that it’s okay to admit my feelings to others, instead of keeping everything inside.

  16. “Muzzle of Bees” has always brought me comfort, lyrically but also the cascading guitar work always put me at ease and in a right frame of mind.

    …assuming you got my message…

  17. “Muzzle of Bees” has always brought me comfort, lyrically but also the cascading guitar work always put me at ease and in a right frame of mind…assuming you got my message…

  18. Congrats go to Andrew for this one!

    Thanks for the thoughtful responses, everyone.

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