Just Announced Madison Concert + Win Tickets Before You Can Buy: Tea Leaf Green, 1.19.12

Thursday, January 19, 2012


Tea Leaf Green

High Noon Saloon – 8:30pm

$15 ADV $17 DOS – 18+

Tickets available on our Music Calendar soon!

 ***Be the first to comment on this post and you’ll win a pair of tickets to the show!  (Click the title of the post to access the comments section.)  Maximize your chances to win! Click the “subscribe” button to your right to be alerted via e-mail when new blog posts go live.

5 Responses

  1. First! I like Tea Leaf Green!

  2. Congrats Anna—the tickets are yours!

  3. Thank you, Shelley!
    I think that this concert will be January 19,2012 (not 2011) ?

  4. Ha! Yes, thank you. We’re not giving away time travel tickets just yet 😉

  5. Thanks again!

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