Madison Concert Ticket + Album Giveaway: Hank 3

Hank 3

Hank 3 returns to Madison’s Barrymore Theatre this Thursday night (December 1, 2011) in all his country outlaw rebel swagger glory.  He’ll be taking the stage getting into all sorts of trouble with Hellbilly, Attention Deficit Domination, and 3 Bar Ranch, and we want you there to witness it all.

Want to try your hand at snagging a free pair of tickets to the show as well as an album from Mad City Music?  Read on to find out how!


Thursday, December 1, 2011

Frank Productions and True Endeavors present


Barrymore Theatre – 7:30pm – $22 ADV $25 DOS – General Admission – All Ages



Shelton Hank Williams III was born December 12, 1972, in Nashville, Tennessee. As the grandson of Hank Williams and the son of Hank Jr., he was country music royalty before he ever sang a note. But he didn’t immediately follow his forebears musically, choosing instead to bang around the Southeast, playing drums in punk and hardcore combos and smoking prodigious amounts of weed. It was the outlaw spirit of his lineage, alive and unwell and floating in the bong water.

By 1996, steep child support payments and his thirst for Mother Nature had forced Hank III onto to the straight and narrow, and he signed a contract with Music City giant Curb. The label issued Three Hanks: Men with Broken Hearts, which brought the voices of all three generations of Williams men together via the ghastly miracles of modern technology. It was about as far from what Hank III wanted as he could get and signaled the beginning of his stormy relationship with Curb.

Williams was in a tight spot. While his name, face, and uncanny vocal resemblance to his grandfather almost guaranteed him a thriving country audience, he had no patience for Nashville’s squareness and rigid control. He and his Damn Band could wow a crowd with a spot-on set of gorgeous country balladry and spirited honky tonk. But III could just as easily shift gears into screeching, Black Flag-style punk rock with his hard-rocking combo Assjack. He was the kind of anomaly enormous record companies couldn’t stand — eminently marketable, yet defiantly unpredictable.

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WIN A PAIR OF TICKETS + A HANK 3 ALBUM (courtesy of Mad City Music):  If you need a good drinking song, look no farther than the songbook of Hank 3!  From “Gettin’ Drunk and Fallin’ Down,” to “Six Pack Of Beer,” “Thrown Out Of The Bar,” “Drink It, Drug It” and many more tunes in between, it’s clear that he’s never too far from a bottle.  We want to hear what sort of drink you’d mix for Hank if he were to sidle up to your bar.

Please have your responses posted by 11pm tonight (Tuesday, November 29).  A winner will be chosen and notified shortly thereafter.  Good luck!

We’ll also be giving a pair of tickets away through our Newsletter and Facebook Page.  Make sure you follow us on both platforms to maximize your chances of winning! 


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5 Responses

  1. I would make him a black n tan …
    Black and Tan is a drink made from a blend of pale ale, usually Bass Pale Ale, and a dark beer such as a stout or porter, most often Guinness

  2. I would hand him a bottle of whiskey. He can mix it with attitude.

  3. I’d pour him a jar full of Elmer T. Lee bourbon with just enough ice to chill it without watering it down too much — Southern whiskey for a crazed Southern rebel.

  4. Stay classic with an Old Fashion. Stay country by making it with Moonshine.

  5. Ha! Love these! The tickets go to Grant for this one. Thanks for participating everyone—hope you’ll all head out to the show.

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