It Was A Very Good Year: Top Ten (Free) 2011 MP3s

We’re continuing our 2011 wrap-up series with a look back at some of our most popular MP3 downloads from the year. Read on to discover and grab the top ten most popular tracks by artists we’ve brought through Madison’s venues….

“…primitive and ultra-modern, dark and enchanting, tranquil and energetic.” –


10.) CocoRosie – “Lemonade”

Check out the live concert photos here.

“…a wild rumpus of harmony and rhythm…” –

Breathe Owl Breathe photo

9.) Breathe Owl Breathe – “Across The Loch”

“…combining twanged-up roots-rock, zydeco, and disarmingly funny lyrics to make rollicking barnstormers…” – A.V. Club

the gourds photo

8.)  The Gourds – “I Want It So Bad”

“…ranks alongside the best American roots music being made at the moment.” – The Telegraph

Justin Townes Earle Overture Hall Madison WI live concert photos

7.) Justin Townes Earle – “Harlem River Blues”

Check out the live concert photos here.

“On Us, his deeply humane new album, that mad-prophet intensity can be exhausting, exhilarating, and downright transcendent.” – A.V. Club

6.) Brother Ali – “Us”

“As usual with the ever-insightful Alvin, the specifics of his raw material are the means to broader truths rather than an end in themselves.” – Los Angeles Times

dave alvin

5.) Dave Alvin – “Harlan County Line”

Check out the live concert photos here.

Cowboy Mouth

4.) Cowboy Mouth – “Iko Iko”

Check out the live concert photos here.

“…refreshing, unusual and diverting…one to recommend for jaded electro and indie fans who felt the New York scene had gone as far as it could with art-skronk.” – The BBC

Phantogram photo

3.) Phantogram – “Don’t Move”

“…expressive music is the soul of the band’s work.” – NPR

One EskimO

2.) One EskimO – “Kandi”

“Danko Jones uses insomnia to his advantage, harnessing all that restless energy and all those nights spent tossing and turning into uncompromising, unrelenting rock n roll music to wake up the world.” –

1.) Danko Jones – “Had Enough”


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