Madison Concert Ticket Giveway: Elton John & His Band

Elton John

It’s not every day that Madison is treated to a concert by a true musical legend, but this Thursday (March 22) is one of those rare, special days. Yes, Sir Elton John himself, one of the finest pop songwriters of all time, is heading to our litte midwestern isthmus, and we don’t want you to miss this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to see him tickle the ivories live in concert.

Read on to find out how you can enter to win a pair of tickets to the show!

Thursday, March 22, 2012

Frank Productions and True Endeavors present


Coliseum @ Alliant Energy Center – 8pm – $139, $79, $39 – General Admission – All Ages

WIN A PAIR OF TICKETS:  Elton famously sings “…and you can tell everybody that this is your song” in the aptly named “Your Song.”  We want to know which tune (or tunes), by any artist,  you wish had been written for you.  Leave a comment explaining why that particular song has special meaning to you the comments section below.

Please post your responses by 3pm tomorrow (Wednesday, March 21, 2012).  A winner will be chosen and notified shortly thereafter.  Good luck!


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27 Responses

  1. The Lovin’ Spoonful’s “Do You Believe In Magic” has always been my favorite. Literally every time I hear that song I dance, smile, sing it. It’s a very happy, open song and I love it. It isn’t really about anyone or anything except loving music and how it’s magic but I still will always think of it as “my song” or written “for me”. If it doesn’t just remind me of that magic music is and can so wonderfully be, it completely reignites that spark for me 🙂 Not related to the contest rules BUT I’ve dreamt of this darn concert three times now this week. I WANT TO SEE ELTON SOOOOOO PLAY BADLY!!!! 😀 Heartless Bastards The Mountain is also “my song”. I’m a weirdo for how a song in it’s entirety makes me feel, not just lyrics. They are awesome at sounding how I feel.

  2. Fix You – Coldplay. I lost someone very near and dear to me. Felt like I was “broken” some how and couldn’t make sense of the loss. Song makes me cry every time I hear it. My husband played this for me on guitar on one of our first dates. After that, I pretty much knew he was the one for me.

  3. First of all… Elton John is wonderful. I wish all his songs were written for me ;op. But… stepping away from the obvious, I would have to say Gold to Me by Ben Harper. Its all about the awe inspiring love for another human being. I just so happens to wish that love he sings about was written for me.

  4. You were meant for me : Jewel
    helped me through a divorce and is still one of my favourite songs – I would love to hear her cover some Elton !

  5. Oooohh great question! I gotta go with “These arms of mine” or “I’ve been loving you too long”, both by Otis Redding. I know, hopeless love songs, but so good, and he’s got the best voice in all of motown.
    Unrelated “Yoshimi battles the pink robots” would also be on this list, since I’m a black belt and would like to think i could defend against some serious evil-natured robots. Thanks for indulging my (too long) list 🙂

  6. Goodbye Yellow Brick Road… I love it since I was a 7th grade student.
    In Soviet Union we did not have an open access to the world pop music, but this one was introduces and “published” in our popular music magazine “Krugozor”. It was a fun magazine! It contained not only articles about different aspects of musical life in Soviet Union and other countries, but also “musical illustrations” for these articles- vinil flexible pages with songs! So, we could listen them right away! And on one of the pages there were two songs: Goodbye Yellow Brick Road and Crocodile Rock.
    Now my youngest one is a 7th grade student- and she likes it too! This is one of my several favorite songs I can listen again, and again, and again…

  7. “16 Tons” I don’t wish it. I know it.

  8. Odd One by Sick Puppies. I’m not considered “cool”, according to what is cool in culture. The chorus says “hey, it’s gonna be ok. Hey, we’re gonna laugh at this one day.” In the past, i’ve been bullied, spit on, and so on. I’ve even been told to ‘go kill myself” by multiple people. Looking back on it all, i can’t help but laugh at the fact that it bothered me to the point it did. Seeing the people that bullied me nowadays and how low in society they have gone, i feel like this song/band have saved me. I thrive for music.

  9. “Lovesick”, by Bob Dylan, felt like it was written just for me; I picked up that CD right when I was going through some serious heartache, and the whole album spoke to me, but it was the first track that truly grabbed me. At the time of the breakup that caused the heartache, I was stationed in eastern, rural Montana for VISTA, so I was very much on my own and rather seriously isolated, so the music I was listening to was essential to me maintaining my alleged sanity. That song made a difference.

  10. I have always loved “Let’s Get Lost” by Chet Baker. It makes me smile every time I hear it. His warm, calming voice is one of the most soothing I have ever heard, like a vocal blanket. It’s the kind of song any young girl wishes some handsome young boy would write about her.

    As far as Elton John songs, I will always consider “Blue Eyes” to be my song. When I was little, my Mom didn’t sing much. When she did, it was usually when she sang me to sleep, and it was usually “Blue Eyes.” To this day, whenever I hear that song, it makes me think of her, and of being home and safe.

  11. “Invincible” by Muse. It reminds me of my friends, and how we felt in high school. I miss them like crazy every time I hear the song.

  12. “Ill be” sung by the Goo Goo Dolls and Edwin McCain. I remember riding In the car as a little girl with my mom and sister, and we would sing this song at the top of our lungs. It may seem silly but we always had a blast doing it. Now its one of my favorite songs 🙂

  13. Candle in the Wind is a favorite because of a connection felt to Princess Diana.

  14. Annie’s Song by John Denver – a romantic melody to the love of his life! It reminds of when I first started dating my spouse – a dreamy, delightful time in my life.

  15. Rocket Man,I always thought that Astronauts had a great job and the view from outer space would be worth all the hard work that would be necessary to become a very good Astronaut.

  16. You’re My Best Friend by Queen is the song that I wish was written for me. I always try to be the best friend I can be to everyone I meet. I believe that kindness and compassion can go a long way.

  17. Let me preface by saying I am a huge Elton fan, and any Elton song is a good song. That said, my most recent song that I wish was written about me is Jason Michael Carroll’s “I Can Sleep When I’m Dead”. It seems there are never enough hours in the day to get everything done that you want to do. Burning the candle at both ends isn’t good either, but sometimes it is needed. So that is the song that I wish was written about me.

  18. Dear Prudence is one of my favorite Beatles songs. It has a great, positive, inspiring feeling. It is an uplifting song that “opens up your eyes” to “look around” and “see you smile like a little child. It speaks of beautiful imagery. It truly is a very beautiful song that makes you feel as though you can gaze into someones eyes and that everything will all be okay.

  19. Bliss, by Muse. Matthew Bellamy sings “everything about you is so easy to love.” I know that I wish this were true. It’s so easy to think of ways I need to improve but love doesn’t see it that way – it sees you for all you are, including all of your faults, and wants you despite and even because of them. Then, “Give me all the bliss and joy in your heart.” Your energy is spread to everyone; why not share goodness and positivity? And if you don’t feel it now (bliss and joy), this reminds you that they are inside you.

  20. Yoshimi battles the pink robots part 1 by the flaming lips. A song about saving the world from robots… I mean come on… how awesome would it be to have this song written about you. “Yoshimi, they don’t believe me, but you wont let those robots eat me.” Yes, Wayne Coyne, I will stop those nasty pink robots from eating you. Because I am the great Yoshimi. Defender of mankind.

  21. I gotta go with Blue Red and Grey by THE WHO – beautiful ukelele melody, subtle backing brass, Pete Townshends inimitable voice. But above all the words are perfect – “And so you see that Im completely crazy, I even shun the south of France. The people on the hill, they say Im lazy, but when they sleep I sing and dance” or “I know a crowd who only live after midnight, their faces always seem so pale. And then theres friends of mine who must have sunlight, they say a suntan never fails. I know a man who works the nightshift, hes lucky to get a job and some pay, and I like every minute of the day”. I’ve always felt this song pretty much sums me up – I can roll with just about anything in life!

  22. My husband is my best friend and soulmate. When I heard “Swim” by Stuart Davis, I could swear it was written for me.

    That is why I reach for you so much
    I think I’m drowning until we touch
    Life is an ocean we fall in
    When you hold me I can swim
    Also, my husband is a singer and when his band plays “Rocket Man” it brings tears to my eyes to hear him sing my favorite

    • Oops – the rest was …Elton John song so beautifully. I really want to take my husband to see Elton John.

  23. “That’s What Friends Are For” A friendship can be one of the most beautiful things in the world. I am so thankful for all of my friends, but especially my best friend. For all she has done for me over the years, I am looking forward to many more. I would love to add seeing Sir Elton John to one of the many memories of things that we have done together over the years.

  24. “Come on Get Higher” For me, in a relationship, there is nothing more amazing than a romantic, spiritual, sexy-electric connection. I consider myself lucky to relate to the lyrics of this song!

    I would love to hear Elton John perform “Your Song”. 🙂 ♥

  25. Wow, it was not easy to pick a winner out of all these well thought out responses. What a testament to the ability of music to closely touch us!

    Congrats are in order for Kate Krueger who will be heading to the show on us. Thanks to all—we hope to see everyone at the concert.

  26. Elton John is good man with a big heart!

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