Ty Segall Takes Madison Crowd To The Edge and Back

Ty Segall

There’s no pretense to Ty Segall. Standing in front of a microphone at the High Noon Saloon last Wednesday evening (May 9, 2012), the shaggy blonde rocker looks like just another kid from the bus–the silent type who spent the ride to school engrossed beneath bomber headphones. But Ty Segall isn’t the silent type, and neither is his guitar. He holds it like a weapon, sputtering chaotic riffs as if he brandishing an electrified riot gun. Whether slowly entering the night’s set with The Addam’s Family theme song or spinning into guttural licks in “Girlfriend,” at a Ty Segall show, the crowd is the petri dish and the music becomes the catalyst for human combustion.

Though accompanied at the night’s opening by White Fence for two excellent tracks off their collaboration album Hair, Segall remained the focal point for swooning punks and swinging shoulders for the rest of the night.  Because Segall doesn’t sing, he purrs, and in turn the audience lost its collective mind as if gaseous delirium was being pumped through the air vents.

Somewhere lost in the mosh pit is a notebook full of song tracks and notes written in an illegible hand, but the pit at a Ty Segall show isn’t the place for music criticism or any sort of articulation. It’s the two minute ledge where we all come to fall backwards into black pools, the thrum of static like blissful wind rushing past our ears.

–Austin Duerst


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2 Responses

  1. One of the best shows of the year, hands down.

  2. Ty was great, as were White Fence, and The Hussy.
    Please DO NOT torture any future crowds with Trin Tran.

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