The Road Less Traveled: Henry Rollins Goes Global

Henry Rollins

As frontman of the highly revered punk rock band Black Flang, Henry Rollins made a name for himself and earned a legion of devoted fans, though he’s no one-trick-pony.  Rollins has also shown great success as a writer, author, spoken word performer, and artist.  His desire to experience the best and worst of the world and its people in pursuit of knowledge and truth has led him on an incredible journey that he has written about in his new book, Occupants.

He explained, “I want to have a perception of the world that is not merely gained from reading books, keeping up on world events, and watching documentaries. While one can learn much that way, those are, to a great degree, other people’s stories. Life is short. I want my own understanding. My own stories.”

Read Jason Leopold’s fascinating Truthout interview with Henry Rollins about his travels and what truths he has found along the way here.

He’ll be in Madison for a spoken word performance at the Barrymore Theatre on October 9.  Grab your tickets now, before they’re all gone!  (Springfield, IL fans can catch him on October 11.)


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