Andrew Bird Remembers His Last Fall In Madison + Win A Pair Of Tickets

Andrew bird

Growing up in Madison, the autumn was always that time of year when I could convince myself the weather wasn’t trying to kill me. There’s a quiet beauty to the fall season here in town, made even more precious by its sudden and inevitable passing.

The runaway leaves gather on the sidewalks like piles of golden coins while the wind whispers past in long, steady breathes, if only for a short time. Driving lost along our city’s one-way streets, every gust brings with it a fond memory, from pumpkin shakes and tattered sweaters to entire afternoons spent rolling in the grass.

Before performing this Wednesday, September 26 at Overture Hall (tickets here), we asked Andrew Bird about his own memories of the fall via e-mail. Here is what he had to say:

“I remember the last time I played Madison it was fall, and I got the notion to ride my bike up the Jane Addams Trail which starts outside of Freeport, Illinois and follows an old rail bed straight north to Madison, which is 60 some miles. It’s of questionable wisdom to exert oneself like this on a show day and on the outskirts of Madison my knee gave out and I hobbled the last few miles to the Overture Center. I fretted a bit in the dressing room about where I’d find the energy for a two hour show but once I got on stage, I felt great. I’ve learned that exhausting the body can give you a looseness and clarity that works for music. Those are my favorite days:  a good ride on a fall day ending with a good show.”

–interview by Austin Duerst

WIN A PAIR OF TICKETS:  Post a comment below with your own favorite memories of fall for a chance to win a pair of tickets to the show tomorrow evening.

Please have your responses posted by 9pm tonight (Tuesday, September 25).  A winner will be chosen and notified shortly thereafter.  Good luck!


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11 Responses

  1. My favorite fall memory is going back home to Michigan and visiting my favorite cider mill for some fresh apple cider and delicious warm doughnuts. Nothing like drinking cider with doughnuts on a brisk fall day, watching the beautifully colored leaves and the ducks playing in the stream by the mill 🙂

  2. The whole reason to live in Wisconsin is for the fall. The air is perfect, everyone is making the best of the year’s last great days of weather. 9 months of meh to get 3 months of bliss.

  3. Like I wrote on my entrance essay for UW Madison, the turning colors of the trees on Bascom Hill is one of my favorite memories of fall. It never ceases to amaze me at the rate that they change. It’s a perfect reminder to keep appreciating each day’s beauty because if you look down for a few days commuting up and down Bascom, you could miss this wonderful transformation!

  4. My favorite fall days are dressing warm and taking out the boat for the last times of the year!

  5. I remember driving two hours directly from a lovely fall wedding to arrive at the last Andrew Bird show, forgetting to bring a change of clothes. Met my friend for a quick drink beforehand and was by far the best dressed in Paul’s bar, perhaps in the entire Overture Center, that night.

  6. My favorite fall memory is anything having to do with fall activities like apple or pumpkin picking. Or drinking spiced cider. Makes me happy just thinking about it!

  7. My grandparents own an apple orchard in central Wisconsin, and every year the family would get together and assist in making apple cider. There is nothing quite like enjoying fresh pressed cider surrounded by changing leaves and three generations of family!

  8. Heading up to Sister Bay, WI for the Fall Festival in mid-October is my favorite way to celebrate the fall in Wisconsin! We get to enjoy the change of colors in the trees on the ride all the way up there. Enjoy the sunshine, the last outdoor art fair of the year for us, see some live bands and have a little beer. Then we spend our Sunday with a big breakfast with Door County cherries incorporated, and a relaxing drive back full of stops for wine and honeycrisp apples! It’s a bit of a last fall hurrah before it starts to get cold. This year we’re camping in Peninsula Park. I’m looking forward to going. It’s so very beautiful up there in the fall!

  9. Farmer’s Market + brisk walks + Big10 Tailgate + Oktoberfest + Hoodies + fall sunshine + orange leaves + comfort food + fresh apple cider + windows open at night

  10. Mmmm love these! Isn’t fall lovely? The tickets for this one will go to Fima. Congratulations! Thanks everyone.

    • Hi Shelley,

      I’ve been trying to email you back but for some reason it keeps telling me that it can’t deliver the email!

      My full name is Yefim Zaltsman. Thanks

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