A Note From The Road: An Interview With Dana Falconberry

Dana Falconberry

Early birds to last Friday’s Heartless Bastards concert were fortunate to see not one but three talented groups rock their unique folk-pop to a packed High Noon Saloon crowd. Beginning first with the harmonious orchestrations and pixie-like vocals of Austin opener Dana Falconberry, fans were warmed by cuts from her latest album Leelanau, instigating a thrum of toe-tapping as well as a strange feeling in my heart that I later tried to pass off as indigestion.

In a post-show e-mail interview, Dana gave us her perspective on the night and shared some stories from the road and beyond.

True Endeavors: How was your first visit to Madison? How did you like the venue and playing with Futurebirds and Heartless Bastards?

Dana Falconberry: We absolutely love Madison!! It’s beautiful and the people are so great! We really liked the venue a lot (especially the live karaoke after soundcheck). This was our second show with Heartless Bastards and it was great! It was our first show with Futurebirds, and we can’t wait to do it again! We’re really stoked about this tour.

At one point during the show, you asked the audience something to the effect of, “You have cheese curds here, right? Is there somewhere I can get those, like, within walking distance?” Where did you hear of the glory of the Wisconsin cheese curd, and were you able to treat yourself to its awesome and loving goodness?

Oh man, I’m eating cheese curds as I write this! We just stopped at a cheese palace with a huge mouse statue outside. Heaven! And yes, I also had fried cheese curds Friday night. I ordered some for the band to share, but I ate them all before I got back to the venue, so I had to get another order for them. Basically, all I’ve eaten is cheese curds for the past two days. I first heard of cheese curds during a conference in college that I went to in Wisconsin. I thought it sounded gross, but I was hooked when I tried them!

What’s the most interesting thing that’s happened to you and your band on tour so far?

Well, this tour has been pretty tame so far. Last tour we stayed with a cult in Joshua Tree. Like, an actual cult, with a leader named Garth who lived in a concrete teepee in the desert. There was a dude named Manifest there who named his man purse Felix. We slept in earthships that they built into the rocks. I woke up in the middle of the night to the sound of an animal chewing something crunchy near the foot of my bed and scared it off with hairband slingshots. Everyone was trying to get us to stay there forever but we escaped! Shoo!

The proverbial closer: What’s next?

We have a bit more touring lined up, and we’re hoping to do a lot more. In January I plan on escaping to a magical dream cabin in the woods (which I haven’t found yet, so let me know if you have one). I’m gonna do a bunch of writing for the next album, and then we will hopefully record early next year. Then tour tour tour!

–interview by Austin Duerst


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