Madison Week In Music + Ticket Giveaways (12.19.12 – 12.25.12): Astronautalis


Minnesota’s Astronautalis will be in Madison for a very important concert at the High Noon Saloon this Thursday, December 20.  In addition to being a great show by one of midwestern hip hop’s most respected voices, the evening will serve as a fundraiser to help our friend and fellow hip op artist P.O.S. as he awaits a kidney transplant.

We’re giving away a pair of tickets to the show after the jump, and hope you will all consider making a donation to this very worthy cause.

Thursday, December 20, 2012

ASTRONAUTALIS with BUSDRIVER, JEL, and RAGE LIFE featuring ¡OYE! , P/1 , and DJ *hitmayng

Genre: Hip Hop

Sounds Like: Bike For Three!, Doomtree, Bleubird

Win A Pair Of Tickets:  Since it’s the season of giving, tell us about the most generous thing that someone has done for you, or tell us about something kind that you’re planning on doing for someone else.  Post your responses below for a chance to win!

Show Info: High Noon Saloon – 9pm – $12 ADV $14 DOS – 18+


Winners will be chosen and notified after 8pm on Tuesday, December 18, 2012.  Good luck!

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6 Responses

  1. I’ve donated to Toys For Tots as well as hurricane Sandy relief efforts this year, but I recently saw something that truly got me in the holiday spirit. Last weekend was my company’s holiday party and when one of the guys won a very nice movie theater popcorn maker he turned around and without hesitation donated it to someone from the hard working staff that was hired to put together our party whom went out of her way to make evening enjoyable for all. It was such a generous display of appreciation for someone who works hard in the service industry.

  2. I’m always blown away by people’s generosity when I’m traveling. One time after misreading a bus schedule, a friend and I found ourselves being dropped off at 2 in the morning on the side of a highway in China in winter. Another passenger very kindly helped us figure out how to get into town and find our hostel; he definitely saved our asses.

  3. Once, a friend and our fathers were canoeing in the Boundary Waters. The weather started to get really nasty, so we landed on an island to set up camp for the night. While we were on the beach, we saw a canoe out in the lake, fighting to make headway. My buddy and I hopped in a canoe and paddled out to them, helping them make it to our landing and camp with us. It was an older couple that just couldn’t handle the weather. They were so appreciative that they left their phone number with us, and when we finished our trip, they invited the two of us to their beautiful cabin in Ely, right on the edge of the Boundary Waters. They gave us an amazing steak dinner, let us use their kayaks, and gave us each some handmade artwork from a local art show.

    They were obviously well-off, but it made such an impression on me as a young man that I’ve never forgotten them. For us, paddling out to help them land their canoe was easy – we did it all the time. For them, entertaining guests, making a couple kids feel like adults, and giving gifts was easy. But each of us gave to the others something that meant far more than that.

  4. When my wife and I got married 5 years ago our friends came out in support. Our friend Kate altered my mother-in-law’s wedding dress so that my wife could wear it, this included taking the dress apart and reassembling it in a new format. Then she made all of the dresses for our wedding party to order for the women who were standing up with us. My friends The Daredevil Christopher Wright learned a boatload of songs and played the hottest wedding set that I’ve ever heard, ever single inch of dance floor real estate was staked out for the entire set. To round it out, another friend Kelly created 20 three layer cakes, one for each table. All of the cakes were different flavors made from scratch, that includes the cake, frosting, sugared flowers, and other cake accoutrement.

  5. To me, the biggest generosities are those who structure their lives around generosity – not just during the season of giving. Teachers, nurses, veterinarians, service workers, charitable organizations and more. The people who care for us and our loved ones. The people who care for those without means to help themselves.

    Beyond that, recently I was able to give away some really nice catering platters (that didn’t get picked up) to some unassuming people on Thanksgiving day and that was really lovely seeing their reaction and gratitude.

    I’d also definitely use the cash saved on a ticket towards the auction to benefit P.O.S.’s mounting medical bills.

  6. A winner has been chosen and notified. Thanks all! We hope you’ll all be able to come out.

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