It Was A Very Good Year: Tynan’s 10 Favorite Songs You Probably Didn’t Hear In 2012


When Tynan isn’t checking out shows and musing over the music that makes him swoon, he contributes his sweetly sassy fashion and beauty advice to xoJane, which we never tire of reading.

Enjoy his 2012 wrap up  after the jump.

Now I’m not calling this list “Songs You Probably Didn’t Hear” because I think I have some great, underground taste in music. Hell no. I have terrible taste. This list is filled with songs from mix tapes, unreleased tracks, and songs that weren’t singles but are still noteworthy. This list also goes in no particular order, because putting things in any sort of order stresses me out.

1. “Game Over” – Daley

Have you guys heard of Daley? He’s a new artist from the UK with great music and a stupid haircut so obviously I’m way into him. He’s got this R&B/Soul/Jazz/Pop sound and his EP “Alone Together” is wholly addicting and not only showcases his pipes but his skills as a lyricist as well. “Game Over” is my favorite track, so get into it.

2. “Can’t Handle The Truth” – JoJo

Remember JoJo?  That girl who sang “Leave (Get Out)” and “Too Little, Too Late”?  Well she’s caught up in some drama with her record label (that is rumored to be going broke) and it’s preventing her from dropping a album which has been in the works for the last six years. She is arguably one of the best vocalists of our generation and she’s being silenced by corporate bullshit. #FreeJoJo. But, that’s not stopping her from doing her thang. Did I mention I’m OBSESSED with her? She just released her second mix tape on December 20 and it’s better than almost all the pop albums that have come out this year. “Can’t Handle The Truth” is the most album-ready track about confessing to cheating on your boyfriend, which is always a blast to do.

Tynan Jojo

3. “Bitch Don’t Kill My Vibe” – Kendrick Lamar feat. Lady Gaga

Remember when Lady Gaga announced she was collaborating with Kendrick Lamar and everyone was like “Who is Kendrick Lamar?” Well, his album was met with decent acclaim from the critics but it left fans wondering, “Where exactly was that collabo?” Word has it that it never made the album because Kendrick’s producers didn’t agree with the direction Gaga had in mind for the song, and they couldn’t reach a compromise. Lucky for us, Gaga leaked the song a few months later. It’s kind of rough, but the lyrics are great. Gaga cooes “I am a sinner, who’s probably gonna sin again.” That’s hot.

4. “One More Summer” – No Doubt

No Doubt’s comeback album was awesome, and this was the best cut off of it. Hands down. It’s so beautiful, it’s so No Doubt, and it’s so good to have them back.

5. “AQUABABE “– Azealia Banks

There was a ton of hype around Azealia this year, which is kind of surprising since her official EP contained all of four songs. This summer, she released a mix tape called FANTASEA (mermaid themed, get it?). The 19 tracks on FANTASEA made up for the few tracks we were missing from her debut. “AQUABABE” is a blast and lets Ms. Banks flaunt her skills as an MC while previewing the next move in her career.

6. “Ne Me Quitte Pas” – Regina Spektor

I don’t know how, but I’ve had a version of this song on my iPod for the last six years, which is odd because a studio version was only released on Regina Spektor’s album What We Saw From The Cheap Seats this year. I must have snatched a bonus track or something in my youth. No matter, this version is bigger and better than the one I already knew. It’s always been one of my favorite Regina songs and now it’s on her latest record for all of us to enjoy.

7. “Shady Love” – Scissor Sisters

While everyone was loving the Scissor Sisters’ “Let’s Have a Kiki” all throughout 2012, I was busy with “Shady Love.”  It’s a hip-pop banger full of attitude, which is just how I like my music.

8. “High Again” – Hoodie Allen

Hoodie Allen was a fratboy at University of Pennsylvania that studied finance, landed a job at Google, then gave it all up to be a rapper. And I love him! He’s painfully self-aware yet delightfully delusional, just like me. “High Again” is a mellow rap ballad off of his latest album All American. If you don’t know Hoodie yet, check him out.

9. “Diced Pineapples” – Fabolous feat. Trey Songz & Cassie

Rick Ross is the man behind the original “Diced Pineapples” which featured Drake, but Fabolous did his own version on The Soul Tapes 2 this fall which features Trey Songz and Cassie, and I like it way better. Listen to both and see if you agree…which you will.

10. Just Give Me A Reason – P!nk feat. Nate Ruess from fun.

You’d probably think it embarrassing for me to include this track in my “best of” list, but as a man who knows no shame, I’m doing it anyway. P!nk’s latest album was, well, a P!nk album. But the clear standout track was “Just Give Me A Reason” featuring the lead singer of fun. It’s appropriate that fun. somehow be included in this list seeing as they completely blew up in 2012. This song is a really stunning pop ballad and I will be upset if it doesn’t get a released as a proper single. Their voices sound great together and compliment each other perfectly. Plus, does anybody think they kind of look alike?


–Tynan Sinks

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