Madison Concert Ticket Giveaway: Umphrey’s McGee

Umphrey's McGee


Umphrey’s McGee is back!  The jam band favorite has Madison in its sights as they roll into town to play a show at the Orpheum this Saturday (February 16).   One lucky blog reader is going to the show on us.  Could it be you?  Read on to find out!

Saturday, February 16, 2013


Orpheum Theater – 8pm – $25 adv $30 dos – All Ages

WIN A PAIR OF TICKETS:  With the band’s song “Believe The Lie” in mind, tell us about the worst lie you’ve ever told, or the worst lie you’ve caught someone else making.

Please have your responses posted by 8pm tomorrow night (Thursday, February 14).  A winner will be chosen and notified shortly thereafter.  Good luck! 



8 Responses

  1. When I was about 13 I told some kids I could read minds and predict the future. With a few good guesses they actually believed me. I realized I could not keep it up for long to had to tell them the truth. It was embarrassing but I was impressed with myself for getting away with as as long as I could!

  2. For about 13 years my parents told me some guy came down our chimeny every year and gave me presents he and some of his really short friends made. The jig was up when I discovered my brand new Nintendo Entertainment System said, “Made in China”.

  3. My (now-ex) girlfriend told me she was going to buy us Umphrey’s tickets for my birthday last month. Instead, she broke up with me and is now seeing a mutual friend. Does that count as a lie?

  4. I told my parents after coming back from Bonnaroo 2003 that the damage to my car must have happened while it was parked at the festival. I actually damaged it trying to reverse my car through a Taco Bell drive through before we left for Tennessee. I was 17 at the time and I still haven’t told my parents the truth.

  5. or the time i went to Cincinnati for Phish. called my dad and told him I was in Wisconsin spending the weekend at a friend’s house. I really had skipped school to see Phish in Chicago and Cincinnati. I was 16 that Winter tour and my parents found out right away.

  6. The biggest lie I ever told: My sister had gone to school at the University of Minnesota. She gave me a Gophers tshirt for Christmas one year, and I said “aww this is awesome! thank you!”… No one says that about anything Goofers related, but she’s my sister so I toughed it out.


  7. My freshman year in 2010 when the Badgers beat Ohio State in the huge upset, causing everyone to storm the field after, I got too drunk at the pregame and sold my ticket right before the game started. My dad was texting me throughout the entire game about how great it was, and my drunk self decided to play along and pretend like I was there. In reality, I was sitting in Gordon Commons consuming however many Justin Stix the $150 profit I got from selling my ticket could buy me. Now whenever this game comes up, I have to forever lie to him and the rest of my family, and describe how awesome it was to be there, storm the field, climb up on the goal post, etc. I hate myself every day for missing this epic game, and it’s even more depressing that I have to lie about it.

  8. Thanks for the responses everyone! The tickets go to Alexa for this one. Congrats! Hope you can all make it out to the show.

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