Live Concert Photos: Matt & Kim


They may have been acting as support for last weekend’s Passion Pit show, but the sold out Orpheum crowd was just as pumped about the insanely fun indie duo of Matt & Kim.  Seriously, do those two ever stop smiling?!

We’ll have photos from the rest of the night soon, but photographer Matt Apps has this incredible set to share with you first, after the jump.

GH8C0404 GH8C0408 GH8C0410 GH8C0431 GH8C0455 GH8C0460 GH8C0462 GH8C0463 GH8C0583 GH8C0588 GH8C0639 GH8C0650 GH8C0688 GH8C0839 GH8C0850 GH8C0865 GH8C0870 GH8C0872 GH8C0916 GH8C0958 GH8C1034 GH8C1231 GH8C1235 GH8C1240 GH8C1329 GH8C1330 GH8C1373 GH8C2247

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