Live Concert Photos: Passion Pit


We first showed you Matt Apps‘ stunning Matt & Kim shots from their opening gig at the recent sold out Passion Pit show here, and now we can share photos of the headliners themselves!

Re-live this incredible night after the jump, and stay tuned for Matt’s Tegan & Sara photos later this week.

GH8C1130 GH8C1158 GH8C1195 GH8C1197 GH8C1263 GH8C1300 GH8C1449 GH8C1496 GH8C1500 GH8C1502 GH8C1535 GH8C1538 GH8C1548 GH8C1550 GH8C1551 GH8C1627 GH8C1642 GH8C1645 GH8C1648 GH8C1717 GH8C1723 GH8C1777 GH8C1808 GH8C1979 GH8C2011 GH8C2815

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