Live Concert Photos: Electric Six & Mark Mallmann


It’s been a big week for concert photos!  First we had Martha Wainwright, then Dessa, and now the rascals of Electric Six and opener Mark Mallmann, courtesy of Matt Apps.

Check out his shots from the bands’ recent High Noon Saloon performance after the jump…


GH8C2865 GH8C2870 GH8C2871 GH8C2874 GH8C2875 GH8C2876 GH8C2878 GH8C2880 GH8C2961 GH8C3046 GH8C3063 GH8C3088 GH8C3100 GH8C3106 GH8C3145 GH8C3166 GH8C3200 GH8C3220 GH8C3232 GH8C3333 GH8C3335 GH8C3337 GH8C3347 GH8C3380 GH8C3460 GH8C3700 GH8C3766




GH8C4910  GH8C4785 GH8C4777 GH8C4716 GH8C4585 GH8C4455 GH8C4350 GH8C4348 GH8C4261 GH8C4200 GH8C4198 GH8C4195 GH8C4178 GH8C4144 GH8C4110 GH8C4050 GH8C4000 GH8C3969 GH8C3950 GH8C3937 GH8C3925 GH8C3915 GH8C3900 GH8C3750 GH8C3737 GH8C3025

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