Dawes Premiers Video For “From A Window Seat”



“Building on the alluring guitar solos and gorgeous harmonies that anchored Dawes’ debut album a half decade ago, Taylor Goldsmith & Co. deliver plucky vocals, wry cultural jabs, and inventive time signature shifts to craft a record that is distinctively modern.”  —Consequence Of Sound on Dawes’ latest album, Stories Don’t End 

Critics and fans are both abuzz over the brand new album from Dawes, Stories Don’t End.  The new tunes are soaked in the easygoing Laurel Canyon sound, first made popular by groups like C.S.N.Y., and the Mamas & The Papas.   We’re so excited for the band to once again shine a bit of California sun on us at their Madison show, but until then, we’re satisfying our musical craving by having their songs on repeat and enjoying band’s great vids, like the one just-released for “From A Window Seat.”  Take a look! 

Dawes will be back in town to play a show at the Barrymore Theater on July 12.  Get your tickets here

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