Live Concert Photos: Garbage


Last Sunday the Orpheum Theater hosted the proper homecoming for one of Madison’s most beloved bands, Garbage!  Take a look at some amazing moments from the evening courtesy of photographer Matt Apps after the jump.

GH8C5130 GH8C5243 GH8C5250 GH8C5255 GH8C5260 GH8C5268 GH8C5280 GH8C5285 GH8C5293 GH8C5372 GH8C5378 GH8C5409 GH8C5520 GH8C5555 GH8C5577 GH8C5588 GH8C5693 GH8C5698 GH8C5705 GH8C5744 GH8C5749 GH8C6122 GH8C6222 GH8C6319 GH8C6455 GH8C6655 GH8C6666

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