Live From Glastonbury: Palma Violets

Palma Violets

The music of UK-based Palma Violets is sure to sound like a little slice of Heaven to fans of indie/punk-influenced bands like Savages, Parquet Courts, Fidlar, and The Vaccines.   Mojo raves that their debut album, 180, “is filled with such a sense of unyielding joie de vivre and spirit that you can’t help but be seduced by its unfettered feel.”

Need proof?  Look no further than this excellent video of the band’s full Glastonbury set after the jump.  Don’t forget to pick up your tickets to see Palma Violets right here in Madison at the High Noon Saloon with Skaters on October 5.

9 Responses

  1. I thought Palma Violets cancelled most of their US tour.

  2. I was at that show. Saw Beady Eye, then the Hives, then Goat, then Savages, then Local Natives, then the Black Angels, then Palma Violets, then Dinosaur Jr., then Django Django and then I think Portishead that day. There wassn’t a very good crowd at Palma Violets but I took a couple of pictures of dude jumping into the crowd (dude kept jumping into the crowd).

    • And I saw Fidlar at Roskilde Festival. The youngest brother of The Bots was moshing in the crowd at that show. Was an early show so there wasn’t much of a crowd.

      • and i remember Fidlar having to get security to let the kid backstage because they apparently didn’t know who he was and he didn’t have any credentials.

  3. Alright. I watched the last ten minutes of this vid. After the performance dude goes back into the crowd for another 10-15 minutes. Pretty sure he was a little drunk.

  4. Also learned that Scandinavians mosh to trap music

  5. I would like to add that I only caught a couple songs of Local Natives because I think they suck. I only watched the last part of Palma Violets and I thought it sucked. Was really disappointed by the Black Angels and thought they sucked live.Everything else was pretty good.on that day. Although I drank an entire bottle of whisky and ate some pills that I don’t remember eating which fucked up the first half of my Saturday. I didn’t start until Elvis Costello on Saturday. Just wanted to add that for the people that think it’s impossible to hit up that many shows at a festival. Those people probably pay $50 to run 5k’s that spray paint on you and/or are at night with a bunch of lights. I run ultras. I also don’t sleep.

  6. and I don’t feel bad about commenting a bunch because you guys send me a bunch of emails.

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