Live Concert Photos: Foals


The lads from Oxford sold out Madison’s High Noon Saloon last week with an explosive, unforgettable show.   Photographer Matt Apps captured brilliant moments from the band’s “sweaty, frenetic performance.”   Take a look after the jump.

GH8C7526 GH8C7520 GH8C7446 GH8C7300 GH8C7191 GH8C7111 GH8C6961 GH8C6945 GH8C6745 GH8C6679 GH8C6571 GH8C6540 GH8C6535 GH8C6525 GH8C6500 GH8C6434 GH8C6395 GH8C6317 GH8C6295 GH8C6288 GH8C6250 GH8C6225 GH8C6200 GH8C6195 GH8C6185 GH8C6175 GH8C6150 GH8C6139

One Response

  1. This last photo is priceless…great job, Matt!

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