True Endeavors’ Question Of The Week: Gimme A Head With Hair


Bob Dylan


In honor of our latest concert announcement (coming at 10am today!), we want to know who you think has the best, most iconic hair in the music world.

Post your picks below and you’ll be entered to win a pair of tickets to a True Endeavors club show of your choice!  (Click here to check out our current lineup.)

Have your responses posted by 6pm on Sunday, September 1.  A winner will be chosen and notified shortly thereafter.  Good luck!

10 Responses

  1. Make my funk the P.Funk I wants to get funked up.

  2. Slash

  3. Tina Turner

  4. Jimmi Hendrix!

  5. Willie Nelson’s braids

  6. Darrell “Dimebag” Lance Abbott’s pink beard

  7. If we’re counting beards…
    Dusty Hill and Billy Gibbons of ZZ top.

  8. Jonny Rogoff (drummer for Yuck)
    Dat afro.

  9. Robert Smith of the Cure.

  10. Thanks everyone! Katy takes the tickets this time. Congrats! Please check your e-mail.

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