Live Concert Photos: Wild Belle


It has been a while since we’ve been able to post shots from our oh-so-talented concert photographers, but as our fall season heats up, you can expect many more to come!

Kicking things off are Matt Apps‘ photos from Wild Belle’s High Noon Saloon performance last Friday.  This is a band that has blown up in a big way since their FRZN Fest set earlier this year and we predict very exciting things in their future.  Take a gander below…

GH8C8803 GH8C8760 GH8C8698 GH8C8425 GH8C8388 GH8C8386 GH8C8384 GH8C8256 GH8C8252 GH8C8250 GH8C8215 GH8C8209 GH8C8208 GH8C8205 GH8C8200 GH8C8190 GH8C8180 GH8C8170 GH8C8158 GH8C8156 GH8C8150 GH8C8147 GH8C8120

3 Responses

  1. Incredible pics, Matt!

  2. These photos are awesome! I hope i can get some good ones at their show next wednesday at the Doug Fir, Portland

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