Live Concert Photos: Mayer Hawthorne


As promised, we have a ton of new concert photos to share with you.  Later this week, we’ll be posting shots from the recent Indigo Girls and Brantley Gilbert shows, but first up are Chris Lotten‘s fantastic snaps from Mayer Hawthorne‘s Capitol Theater performance featuring The Living Statues.

Take a look after the jump!


the_living_statues-1 the_living_statues-2 the_living_statues-3 the_living_statues-4 the_living_statues-5 the_living_statues-6 the_living_statues-7 the_living_statues-8 the_living_statues-9




mayer_hawthorne-1  mayer_hawthorne-3 mayer_hawthorne-4 mayer_hawthorne-5 mayer_hawthorne-6 mayer_hawthorne-7 mayer_hawthorne-8 mayer_hawthorne-9 mayer_hawthorne-10 mayer_hawthorne-11

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