True Endeavors’ Questions Of The Week: Fall Tunes

Fall Leaves


With the equinox now behind us, there’s no denying that fall is here.  If you can ignore the fact that this means the harsh and unforgiving winter is on its way, autumn in Wisconsin really is pretty perfect.  We want to know what songs make you feel just as seasonally cozy as a pumpkin latte wearing a sweater on a hayride.

Tell us about your ultimate fall playlist in the comments below and you’ll be entered to win a pair of tickets to a True Endeavors club show of your choice!  (Click here to check out our current lineup.)

Have your responses posted by 6pm on Sunday, September  29.  A winner will be chosen and notified shortly thereafter.  Good luck!

3 Responses

  1. Van Morrison Astrel works

  2. The Wonder Years- Hoodie Weather
    Agree with Van Morrison too, Instead gonna go with “When the Leaves Come Falling Down”.

  3. Congrats go to Jason this week! Check your e-mail for details…

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