Live Concert Photos: Hatebreed & Shadows Fall


This one’s a whopper!  Thanks to longtime True Endeavors photographer Clay Dewey, we have (tons of) shots from the recent Hatebeed (pictured above) and Shadows Fall show to share with you, including openers Acacia Strain and Battlecross.

Take a look after the jump.


AcaciaStrain-9 AcaciaStrain-8 AcaciaStrain-7 AcaciaStrain-6 AcaciaStrain-5 AcaciaStrain-4 AcaciaStrain-3 AcaciaStrain-2 AcaciaStrain-1



Battlecross-13 Battlecross-12 Battlecross-11 Battlecross-10 Battlecross-9 Battlecross-8 Battlecross-7 Battlecross-6 Battlecross-5 Battlecross-4 Battlecross-3 Battlecross-2 Battlecross-1


Hatebreed-12 Hatebreed-11 Hatebreed-10 Hatebreed-9 Hatebreed-8  Hatebreed-6 Hatebreed-5 Hatebreed-4 Hatebreed-3 Hatebreed-2 Hatebreed-1



ShadowsFall-18 ShadowsFall-17 ShadowsFall-15 ShadowsFall-12 ShadowsFall-10 ShadowsFall-9 ShadowsFall-8 ShadowsFall-7 ShadowsFall-6 ShadowsFall-4 ShadowsFall-3 ShadowsFall-1

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