Now Streaming: Polica’s Shulamith


Take a listen to the just-released sophomore album, Shulamith, from Minneapolis’ Polica courtesy of NPR.  Entertainment Weekly remarked that the record is “propulsive enough for dance floors, and dreamy enough for headphones.”  We’re curious to hear what you think. Post your thoughts in the comments section below.

We’ll be hosting the band at the Barrymore when they make their grand return to Madison on December 7 with Lizzo.  Get your tickets here.

4 Responses

  1. Is Marijuana Death Squads going to be there too?? I didn’t see them listed on the bill / website. If so, that’s awesome!!

    The new Polica album is dope! Consider me there

    • So glad you’ll be there, Justin! Hope you enjoy the show.

    • Justin, so sorry for the error — it’s actually Lizzo that will be opening. She’s pretty fantastic as well, though, so we hope you’ll still come check out the show!

      • Oh I’m excited for Lizzo too! I already have my tix… Thought I might be getting an extra bonus with MDS. It’s all good.

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