Live Concert Photos: Bullet For My Valentine


Bullet For My ValentineBlack Veil Brides, and Stars In Stereo took the stage at the Orpheum Theater earlier this month for a performance that we were lucky enough to have captured by not only one, but two phenomenal photographers.  Enjoy Chris Lotten and Matt Apps‘ shots from the evening below.  (Matt has even more photos from Bullet and BVB on his website.)


Stars In Stereo

starsinstereo-5 starsinstereo-4 starsinstereo-3 starsinstereo-2 starsinstereo-1

Black Veil Brides

blackveilbrides-7 blackveilbrides-6 blackveilbrides-5 blackveilbrides-4 blackveilbrides-3 blackveilbrides-2 blackveilbrides-1

Bullet For My Valentine

bullet4myvalentine-12 bullet4myvalentine-5 bullet4myvalentine-11 bullet4myvalentine-1 bullet4myvalentine-8 bullet4myvalentine-7 bullet4myvalentine-6 bullet4myvalentine-10 bullet4myvalentine-4 bullet4myvalentine-3 bullet4myvalentine-2 bullet4myvalentine-9



Black Veil Brides

GH8C8927 GH8C8200 GH8C8180 GH8C8000 GH8C7153 GH8C7072 GH8C7000 GH8C6940

Bullet For My Valentine

GH8C8890 GH8C8850 GH8C8736 GH8C8702 GH8C8506 GH8C8280 GH8C8219 GH8C8199 GH8C8095  GH8C8010 GH8C8000 GH8C7923

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