Live Concert Photos: Skrillex


In addition to the brilliant set that Chris Lotten has already shared with us, we have even more stunning photos from Skrillex‘s recent Madison performance to share with you today courtesy of Matt Apps.

Take a peek below, and see if you can spot yourself in the crowd shots!

GH8C0218  GH8C0673 GH8C0775 GH8C0780 GH8C0799 GH8C0865 GH8C0907 GH8C0910 GH8C0918 GH8C1000 GH8C1010 GH8C1020 GH8C1030 GH8C1035 GH8C1043 GH8C1055 GH8C1100 GH8C1120 GH8C1123 GH8C1150 GH8C1175 GH8C1200 GH8C1784 GH8C2114 GH8C2597 GH8C2626 GH8C3999 GH8C8000 GH8C8818

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