Live Concert Photos: Lupe Fiasco


It’s been such a great year for live music, and we feel so fortunate to have such wonderful photographic mementos from these exciting shows thanks to our crew of talented photographers.  Chris Lotten‘s shots of Lupe Fiasco‘s recent Madison show are a perfect example! Check them out below…


stalley-1 stalley-2 stalley-3 stalley-4 stalley-5 stalley-6

The Boy Illinois

the_boy_illinois-1 the_boy_illinois-2 the_boy_illinois-3 the_boy_illinois-4 the_boy_illinois-5 the_boy_illinois-6


dee_1-1 dee_1-2 dee_1-3 dee_1-4 dee_1-5 dee_1-6 dee_1-7


ant-1 ant-2


rip-1 rip-2 rip-3 rip-4 rip-5

Lupe Fiasco

lupe-1 lupe-2 lupe-3 lupe-4 lupe-5 lupe-6 lupe-7 lupe-8 lupe-9 lupe-10  lupe-12

crowd-1 crowd-2

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