True Endeavors’ Question Of The Week: FRZN Reflections

FRZN Fest 2014


Whew!  Our third annual FRZN Fest was an absolute blast, and we were thrilled to see so many Madison music fans come out to support the talented crew of performers.   We’re curious to hear your thoughts.  What artists stood out to you?  What were your favorite moments? What could we do better next year to make the fest even better?

Post a comment below with your ruminations and you’ll be entered to win a pair of tickets to a True Endeavors club show of your choice!  (Click here to check out our current lineup.)

Have your responses posted by 6pm on Sunday, January 26.  A winner will be chosen and notified shortly thereafter.  Good luck!

7 Responses

  1. I got to see my favorite band close out the weekend, and that would have been worth the price of the 4 day pass by itself. But I also discovered San Fermin and (the unfortunately named) Diarrhea Planet, who were both phenomenal live bands. And I got to see Communist Daughter again, and once again wonder why they are not huge.

  2. Caroline Smith was a joy as always, and San Fermin was simply fantastic. Saturday’s lineup pummeled my eardrums, but in a good way. Superchunk capped things off perfectly.

  3. The lineups were great. For me, Superchunk and Diarrhea Planet were HUGE draws for me. My one complaint, maybe start the sets earlier. 7 would have been better, the nights got kinda late and work was rough on Friday and Monday! But worth it…

  4. Weekend were cool,
    and of course Superchunk rocked hard!

  5. I got to see 14 bands for $30… this is UNBEATABLE. Also, I never thought I’d ever be able to see Superchunk without driving over an hour away. Those things made FRZN Fest a dream for me.
    What I especially liked about Thursday was the varied line-up. It had more of that “festival feel” since there was rap, rock, and soul on stage. I found that to be awesome, because Lizzo won me over and I would have never have seen her if it wasn’t for the line-up.
    But sweet christ, FRZN Fest was unforgettable and I miss it already.

  6. Thanks for the feedback, everyone! Glad it was a fun fest! Kyle is our winner this week. Check your e-mail!

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