Just Announced Madison Concert + Win Tickets Before You Can Buy: Neko Case, 5.14.14

Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Presented by Frank Productions and True Endeavors


Neko Case

with special guest The Dodos

Orpheum Theater – 7:30pm

$28.50 adv | $32.50 dos

All Ages | General Admission

Tickets on-sale through our Music Calendar Friday, January 31 at 10:00am.

***Comment on this post in the next 24 hours and you’ll be entered to win a pair of tickets to the show!  (Click the title of the post to access the comments.)  Maximize your chances to win by clicking the “subscribe” button to your right.  You’ll be alerted via e-mail when new blog posts go live.


50 Responses

  1. I’d really like tickets to this please and thank you.

  2. I would also like tickets to this. And I am pretty cool. Thank you!

  3. Wow, yes please.

  4. Yes, please, more Neko.

  5. YES! I’m been hoping we’d finally get a Neko show here!

  6. YES! I’ve been hoping we’d get a Neko show here!

  7. Yes please!!

  8. Ooo! Neat. 🙂

  9. This is going to be an amazing show! Cannot wait!

  10. Would love to see Neko Case!!

  11. Well now this would be a fun way to spend a Wednesday evening!

  12. Yes please!

  13. well done true endeavors

  14. Yes please Neko is my fav!!

  15. Love Neko Case! Free tickets would warm my polar vortexed heart.

  16. Two of my favorites! I was just wondering when The Dodos would be coming around again.

  17. I’ve never seen her live and I missed her last show when she was in town. I would love to see this one!

  18. Oh wonder of wonders. My fellow greyhound-lover is in Madison, gasp gasp, GASP!
    Yes, please?

  19. This is going to be a great show! What a fun venue for her. Thanks for making this happen!

  20. I’m so there!

  21. Neko is absolutely on my must see Live list!

  22. Amazing! Would love to see Neko at the Orpheum. It’s been a looooong time since I’ve experienced either of those things. Thanks for the opportunity!

  23. Neko’s and Kelly’s harmonies are right up there with those of the Everly Brothers.

  24. SPRING and NEKO!

    my rallying cry against the cold winds.

  25. I have a final exam that goes until 7:05 that night, but I’ll be there anyway.

  26. Seeing Neko live is a one of a kind experience!

  27. This brings tears to my eyes!! Can’t wait to see Neko in an amazing venue. Her voice is out of his world and the band puts on the absolute best show

  28. Have a lot of her music but have never seen her live. Nice to see her come thru Madison this time. Can’t wait!

  29. Woo hoo, can’t wait to see her live. I missed her when New Pornographers were in town because she hurt herself.

  30. Yay!!!

  31. It’s so kind of you to offer me these tickets.

  32. I can’t imagine a better way to celebrate graduation.

  33. Oh my. I mean !

  34. I’ll be the one with my heart in my lap…

  35. Another great show thanks to true endeavors and frank productions. Looking forward to checking it out!

  36. Love Neko! So happy she’s coming to Madison!

  37. Can’t wait! I’ll be there early for the Dodos. Thanks much

  38. Totally a neko and Kelly hogan über can. Was thinking of a trip to Indianapolis, but now so glad neko and her band will be here!

  39. Neko Case AND the Dodos?! This is going to be such a great show!

  40. Love love love Neko Case. Super excited for this show!

  41. YES!!! This is very exciting!

  42. Two days before O’Cays burned down Neko did a few songs with Calexico. I saw her at the back of the room and I thought I recognized her from work. It wasn’t until she walked past me with a guitar that I figured out who she was. Gimme.

  43. SO excited for this!! These are two of my all time favorites 🙂

  44. Love Neko So Awesome cannot wait!!!

  45. Absolutely fabulous evening with Neko … And I’m sure you’ll pick my name.

  46. If wishes were horses, I’d see Neko Case riding a whole host of houses. Alas, I’m left wishing for tickets from y’all. Please help!

  47. I would love love love to win tickets to see Neko. I had tickets to see her in Chicago in September, but was too pregnant to make the trip. A night out now would be *awesome*!

  48. I watched a documentary on Neko Case when Middle Cyclone came out. She was talking in her barn studio full of cast off pianos. Shortly thereafter I received an office-wide email from a coworker getting rid of a piano. I found the general info email address on Neko’s website and forwarded this message to them just in case there was a bare spot in that hayloft!

  49. We have a winner! Congrats Woody!

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