True Endeavors’ Question Of The Week: Grammy Edition



Music fans are notoriously fussy about this annual awards show, but there were some truly special moments from last night’s broadcast.

Tell us about your favorite Grammy performance or moment from the show and you’ll be entered to win a pair of tickets to a True Endeavors club show of your choice!  (Click here to check out our current lineup.)  Didn’t watch, or wasn’t impressed by anything?  Then tell us who you would have loved to see onstage instead!

Have your responses posted by 6pm on Sunday, February 2.  A winner will be chosen and notified shortly thereafter.  Good luck!


8 Responses

  1. Definitely Paul and Ringo!

  2. It’s like a train wreck…awful but you still look.
    I wouldn’t want any of my favorites to be part of it. They ruin everything.

  3. Daft Punk and Stevie Wonder!

  4. Pharrell’s sorting hat (that’s what that was, right?) and Tegan & Sara’s live tweeting of the show.

  5. Lorde. She was the only artist that seemed like she came from now.

  6. The Daft Punk appearence was the only stand out performance for me. I always enjoy the current/classic collaborations they do, like Dylan/Mumford/Avett.

    I was shocked by the number of country performances!

  7. Hmm non musical moment but mos def the mass wedding ceramony by Queen Latifah touching even daft punk robots agreed!!

  8. Tjorstad, you’re our winner this week. Congrats!

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