Stephen Malkmus & The Jicks Vinyl, Poster, and Ticket Giveaway!

Malkmus Giveaway Blog

Let’s start the week out right with an exciting giveaway from our friends at Mad City Music and Sooper Dooper Letter Press!  Our big winner will not only land a pair of tickets to Stephen Malkmus‘ February 19 show with the Jicks at the High Noon Saloon, they’ll also get to pick up a free Wig Out At Jagbags LP and commemorative show poster!

Enter to win this great bundle by leaving a comment with your favorite “wigged out,” unexpected, funny, or just plain puzzling Malkmus lyric below.

Please have your responses posted by 6pm on Sunday, February 9.  A winner will be chosen and notified shortly thereafter.  Good luck!

Miss the giveaway? Don’t worry, you can still find tickets here.  

14 Responses

  1. Stephen Malkmus and the Jicks
    Cinnamon and Lesbians

    Shanghaied in Oregon
    Cinnamon and lesbians
    The power lines revolt in time

    I’ve been tripping my face off since breakfast
    Taking in this windswept afternoon
    Onward ye Christian sailors
    You smooth-talking jack-off jailers
    A one-stop shoplifter’s narrow convenience

    Life should be free
    Take what you need

    Raised in a numbers trailer
    With grass-blowing funky neighbors
    Come downtown cause we’ve got a cure for your head lice
    We’ll do it for free
    Love it or leave

  2. Pretty much danced our arse’s off last time Malkmus and Jicks played the High Noon- me and the lovely. Going to truely miss Janet banging drums but no matter… love the new album and can’t wait to see some of it performed live in such a great local setting. Groove’n and gyrate;n at the High Noon.

  3. would love to go!

    • Easy, this first part from Jo Jo’s Jacket -what a great and strange opening:

      I’m not what you think I am
      I’m the king of Siam
      I’ve got a bald head
      My name is Yul Brynner
      And I am a famous movie star

      Perhaps you saw me in Westworld
      I acted like a robotic cowboy
      It was my best role
      I can not deny I
      Felt right home deep inside
      That electronic carcass

  4. Freeze The Saints

    “You said, ‘done is good,’
    But done well is so much fucking better
    Share the wealth
    And cauterize the tears

    If you want to know
    Well you are, yes you are so much like me
    Freeze the saints
    Such a subtle read, exquisite pedigree
    Just let yourself be and languish here
    Help me languish here”

    I love Malkmus! From his stream-of-consciousness lyrics to how he weaves his spontaneous jams into his live material. He’s just so damn jazzy!

  5. “Smoking weed in our truck
    The cops pull up
    How can they not know?
    It was so so so so so so invisible

    Heavy heavy heavy heavy heavy smelter
    Fuck it!”

    From “Senator” . You can’t get much better than a song with a chorus about blow Js….

  6. Easy, the entire song: 1% of One

    Blind son man from Netherlands, he knew not what bands he mixed
    They sounded a bit like a zephyr and a bit like the jicks

    He craned his neck over the desk waiting for something to ride
    And you weren’t there to feed him air the second that moment arrived

    1% of one is 1% of one is one

    The band became a picture frame surrounding the vision he dreamt
    Walls are walking round in squares dividing your room as they will

    And there my friend the story ends short though I know it may be
    The band swished into a tune and the walls were walking tall

    1% of one is 1% of one is one

  7. free tickets? this would be awesome. right around my gf’s bday. help me be cheap!!

  8. From “The Senator”: “I know what the Senator wants / What the Senator wants is a blow job.”

  9. “run from the pigs, the fuzz, the cops, the heat / pass me your gloves there’s crime and it’s never complete / until you snort it up or shoot it down / you’re never gonna feel free” wigs me out every time

  10. Advertising looks and chops a must
    No big hair!
    Songs mean a lot
    When songs are bought

    from Cut Your Hair

  11. Jenny and the Ess-Dog:

    See those rings on her toes Check that frisbee in his Volvo
    It’s a Volvo with ancient plates
    They’ve got a dog she named Trey
    A retriever with a frayed bandana around his neck

    Trey has a window into their relationship
    The baby talk voices
    And the post class-a nasal drip

  12. A love like oxygen, so foxy then so terrific now
    On a jape I’m returning
    Bobby spinning out
    I was so messed up
    You were drunk and high
    Just a rambling wreck
    Coming off the breaks to see what was shaking

    From Lariat

  13. Joseph S. Scharenbroch, the tickets and album are yours! Congratulations! Check your e-mail for more details.

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