Live Concert Photos: Black Joe Lewis & The Honeybears


Last Wednesday’s Black Joe Lewis & The Honeybears‘ show at the High Noon Saloon was an explosive display of showmanship and raw musical talent that we won’t soon forget.

Enjoy Mo Menocal‘s shots from the evening (including openers Pickwick) after the jump. Enjoy!


DSC_0015_2_2 DSC_0021_2_2 DSC_0023_2_2


DSC_0153_2DSC_0052_2_4 DSC_0060_2_4 DSC_0068_2_4 DSC_0073_2_3 DSC_0078_2_4 DSC_0079_2_4 DSC_0081_2_4 DSC_0097_2_3 DSC_0118_2_3 DSC_0136_2_3  DSC_0172_2

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  1. Wrong date

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  2. The show was a week ago Wednesday. Please edit.

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