Live Concert Photos: Scott Weiland & The Wildabouts


Stone Temple Pilots frontman Scott Weiland took the Majestic’s stage for a performance with The Wildabouts last week.  Photographer Matt Apps was there snapping away, helping to preserve memories of this incredible night for our blog readers.

Check out his photos from the evening after the jump.

GH8C1231 GH8C3658 GH8C3670 GH8C3680 GH8C3685 GH8C3691  GH8C3700 GH8C3725 GH8C3734 GH8C3736 GH8C3737 GH8C3750 GH8C3785 GH8C3838 GH8C3850 GH8C3901 GH8C3964 GH8C4000 GH8C4076 GH8C4117 GH8C4155 GH8C4184 GH8C4241 GH8C4259

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