True Endeavors’ Question Of The Week: Written In Our Skin

Henry Rollins

Tattoos have long been a major part of music culture, across a wide variety of genres.  We want to hear about the artists whose ink you adore the most.

Post a comment telling us about your favorite pieces of body art from your favorite decorated musicians and you’ll be entered to win a pair of tickets to a True Endeavors club show of your choice!  (Click here to check out our current lineup.)  Got your own music-related tattoo?  Be sure to post a pic or tell us about it in the comments below as well!

Have your responses posted by 6pm on Sunday, August 3.  A winner will be chosen and notified shortly thereafter.  Good luck!

4 Responses

  1. With the passing of Johnny Winter, I would have to go with the “Illustrated Man” himself. In his own lyrics:
    “Got a screamin’ demon on my chest
    cat face on my thigh
    Got naked women all over me
    until the day I die

    I am the illustrated man, baby
    I got tattoos everywhere
    People love my decorations
    they just have to stop & stare”

  2. My upper arm tattoo is based on my favorite song, Fighting Fish by Dessa. I love the lyrics, which talk about the importance of never losing your fight and your inner fire, especially the line:

    “I’m not above apologies but I don’t ask permission / Got a lot of imperfections, but I don’t count my ambition in ’em”

    Not to mention that my artist did an INCREDIBLE job (shouts to Noah at Colt’s Timeless Tattoo).

  3. I’ve always dug Bethany cosentino of best coast’s tattoos. She has a flapper girl sitting in a frame on her arm. Her and her wavves partner do a lot with symbols too. And cats. Symbols and cats are neat.

  4. Great stories, guys! Tori is our winner this week. Congrats!

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