Stevie Wonder talks Amy Winehouse, Obama, and more

As an addendum to our earlier birthday wishes to Mr. Wonder, Stevie recently held a press conference announcing his European tour. Other than playing a stunning line up of greatest hits to promote his album of same name, he also took time to muse about popular and political culture.

SW called presidential candidate Barack Obama “a combination of Martin Luther King and JFK“, a pretty impossible review to beat. Of Amy Winehouse he said “She reminds me of a young Etta James. ‘Rehab’ is a very good song. The CD [‘Back To Black’] was good, my daughter turned me onto it.” Hopefully we’ll all get to indulge in Amy’s talent for five decades of touring as well.

(Where we are now..the intersection of music, politics, history and culture: From left to right- Stevie Wonder, Barack Obama, Martin Luther King, John F Kennedy, Amy Winehouse, Etta James)