Artists You Should Know: Rooney


Rooney has overcome obstacles that left other bands in shambles. When many fell apart due to member changes and record label conflicts, Rooney used their unfortunate experiences to forge ahead in their journey.  For example, after recently cutting ties with Geffen Records, Rooney released their latest album, Eureka, on their newly formed label, California Dreamin’.  Critics have called their latest effort “fantastic,” breezy,” and “upbeat,” and we can’t wait to hear the new tunes in person when they stop by The High Noon Saloon next Wednesday.  Read on to find out how these California kids got to where they are today.

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Artists You Should Know: Liars


Don’t even pretend like you haven’t been dying to see this band.  Even if you haven’t heard of Liars before, trust us, this show is what you’ve been waiting for.  After slaving away, working for the man on these beautiful summer days, couldn’t we all use a little ruthless nighttime post-punk exorcism?  It’s going to be loud, it’s going to be sweaty, and it’s going to absofuckinglutely rock.

If you like No Age, Deerhunter, Xiu Xiu, Lightning Bolt, Titus Andronicus, or Japandroids,  you need Liars in your life.   Read on to find out more about the band and grab your tickets to see them live in Madison at the High Noon Saloon tomorrow night, July 14th.

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Artists You Should Know: CocoRosie + Free Mp3 Download


CocoRosie have always trod a path of stubborn individuality, often encompassing a child-like innocence and a simultaneous desire to pick away at the scabs which sit delicately over taboos.

–Robert Ferguson,

Sisters Sierra and Bianca Casady, most famously known as the electro-indie freak folk duo CocoRosie, will bring their delightfully quirky, sweet, and downright trippy sounds to The Barrymore Theatre on Saturday, June 19th.  These two are nothing short of fascinating, and we know that this show will entertain, challenge, and inspire all in attendance.

If you’re a fan of artists like Bjork, Devendra Banhart, Bat For Lashes, Animal Collective, Lykke Li or Xiu Xiu, then this show is for you!

Read on to grab tickets, a free download, and find out more about these unforgettable sisters.

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Artists You Should Know (ticket giveaway): Brother Ali

Brother Ali

“If rap didn’t exist, he’d be the greatest high school guidance counselor in Minneapolis. But as a talent in a scene that holds decades’ worth of some of the most sensitive identity politics of any popular culture movement in the last 50 years, Brother Ali has had to put that populism to good use.” —Pitchfork

We’re extremely excited to bring Brother Ali to town headlining the Fresh Air Tour next Thursday (Nov. 19th).  The mp3s we’ve offered here on the blog have been downloaded in a furious frenzy (get em here, and here), leading us to believe you’re just as amped to see this righteous, socially outspoken hip hop artist as we are.  Read on to find out more about Brother Ali and enter to win a pair of tickets to his show.

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Artists You Should Know (ticket giveaway): Ghostface Killah

Ghostface Killah

Ghostface Killah is one artist who hardly needs an introduction.  He made a name for himself in the seminal rap collective Wu-Tang Clan and has since enjoyed a successful solo career; most recently releasing Ghostdini: Wizard of Poetry in Emerald City last month.  Needless to say, we are excited to present this hip hop legend at a sure-to-be explosive show at the Barrymore on Tuesday, November 3rd.  We’re also excited to offer our blog readers an opportunity to win tickets to see him live! Read on to find out how you could win.

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