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As the world celebrates Obama’s victory some folks have gone the extra mile to share the joy; Radiohead’s Thom Yorke remixed one of his Eraser tracks and is giving it away for free on Radiohead’s Web site.

He said: “In celebration of November 5, Jonny’s birthday amid bonfire and fireworks in the UK and the dawn of a new era in politics in the USA, I humbly donate a remix of Harrowdown Hill’ that was finished ages ago during the band webcasts, a small reminder of the dark days of Bush’s.”

Thanks Thom, we share your excitement as the US experiences a new political dawn.

The Election Matters for Musicians..

In more ways than one; net neutrality, health care, taxes..this post is not exactly bi-partisan but it is too great not to link up get out and vote fools!


5 Selfish Reasons Every Musician Should Vote For Barack Obama


  1. Rock_the_vote HE’S MORE LIKELY TO BUY YOUR CD – Barack Obama has eclectic musical tastes. He already has “everything from Howlin’ Wolf to Yo-Yo Ma to Sheryl Crow… (and) probably 30 Dylan songs” on his iPod. Why not you?
  2. AMERICA WILL BE COOL AGAIN – Admit it. You’ve got worldwide ambitions and it hasn’t helped that being American has become about as hip as being Donnie & Marie. Obama’s already drawn a crowd in Germany bigger than Coachella and Bonnaroo more at

Stevie Wonder talks Amy Winehouse, Obama, and more

As an addendum to our earlier birthday wishes to Mr. Wonder, Stevie recently held a press conference announcing his European tour. Other than playing a stunning line up of greatest hits to promote his album of same name, he also took time to muse about popular and political culture.

SW called presidential candidate Barack Obama “a combination of Martin Luther King and JFK“, a pretty impossible review to beat. Of Amy Winehouse he said “She reminds me of a young Etta James. ‘Rehab’ is a very good song. The CD [‘Back To Black’] was good, my daughter turned me onto it.” Hopefully we’ll all get to indulge in Amy’s talent for five decades of touring as well.

(Where we are now..the intersection of music, politics, history and culture: From left to right- Stevie Wonder, Barack Obama, Martin Luther King, John F Kennedy, Amy Winehouse, Etta James)

Uninsured musicians in peril — Silos’ member died of treatable illness

Memorial concert to raise money and awareness about important issue.

Drew Glackin memorial concert Thursday, June 5 at High Noon.
Drew Glackin, 1963-2008

Drew Glackin was a helluva guy. An amazing musician and a friend to all he met, Drew was a member of alt-country legends The Silos, playing bass and pedal steel. He also recorded or toured with Tandy, Gingersol, Susan Tedeschi, The Hold Steady and Chris Mills, among others.

His death this past January just days after a sudden heart attack at the age of 42 is a damning indictment of our failed health care system. Like so many musicians, Drew did not have health insurance. Though bandmates, friends and family noticed he didn’t look well and even suggested he see a doctor, Drew avoided doing so, presumably for fear of what he’d find out.

Had he done so, the doctors would no doubt have diagnosed the thyroid condition that led to his untimely death, a death that left a huge hole in the hearts of his friends and family.

Something like 45 million Americans lack health insurance. The system is in crisis, and the issue is among the top concerns on the minds of the voting public heading into the fall elections.

We may not end up with the single-payer national health insurance system common in other industrialized countries, but major reform of some sort is likely if Obama wins in November.

Meanwhile, if you are an uninsured working musician, there’s help out there for you. Go to the Future of Music Coalition’s website to learn about their HINT program, Health Insurance Navigation Tool.

And come see The Silos perform live at High Noon Saloon on Thursday, June 5, early 6:30 start time, with special guests Weinland, a great band from Oregon.

We can raise a glass in tribute to Drew and raise some awareness…and money for a good cause.

A portion of the proceeds will be donated to the HINT program, in the hopes that the sad loss of our friend Drew will help others get the insurance they need.

Tickets are $15 and available online at or

-Tag Evers

For more information about The Silos, go to:

For more information about Weinland, go to:

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Happy Birthday Stevie Wonder

Steveland Morris was born in Saginaw, Michigan on May 13, 1950. He has delivered to us 35 U.S. albums , & 28 major studio releases. The singer/songwriter has scored more than 30 Top Ten Hits, 11 #1 Pop singles, winning 19 Grammys (and a Lifetime Achievement Grammy in ’96) and a host of other awards, including, most recently, Billboard’s 2004 Century Award. (

Wonder signed with Motown Records as a pre- adolescent at age twelve, and continues to perform and record for the label to this day. A multi-instrumentalist, Wonder plays the piano, synthesizer, talk box, harmonica, congas, drums, bongos, bass guitar, organ, melodica, and clarinet. In his early career, he was best known for his harmonica work, but today he is better known for his keyboard skills.


Born prematurely, he became blind due to the high level of oxygen in his incubator. In 1954 his family moved to Detroit, where he became active in a church choir.

His daughter, Aisha Morris, was the inspiration for his hit single “Isn’t She Lovely.” Aisha Morris is a singer who has toured with her father and accompanied him on recordings, including his 2005 album, A Time 2 Love.

Wonder is an activist for civil rights and championed the effort to make Martin Luther King’s birthday a national holiday, was a driving force behind 1985’s USA For Africa campaign has (, & has endorsed 2008 United States Democratic Party presidential candidate Barack Obama.

Several artists have acknowledged Wonder’s contributions to music, including opera star Luciano Pavarotti, who once referred to him in a concert as a “great, great musical genius”. (

A history in video. Enjoy the stroll.

Fingertips Part 2, 1963

Superstition, 1973

If You Really Love Me, 1981

I Just Called To Say I Love You, 1984

Part Time Lover, 1985

For Your Love, 1996

From The Bottom of My Heart, 2004