Punk: A Beginner’s Guide

Joe Strummer, of the Clash

Joe Strummer, of the Clash

Well Joe, you called it.  The suits did their best to turn your rebellion into money.  To a great deal of people living in the post Hot Topic world, the very idea of punk is viewed as little more than a cute “phase.”  It’s part of life, right?  Infant, toddler, kid, punk, adult?  Oh they grow up so fast!  In all fairness, if all you knew of the genre was green hair, ripped t-shirts and pissy snarls then such a dismissive eye roll might indeed seem fitting.  However, to those who are willing to discover it, punk’s first wave was as much a fiercely intelligent, unapologetic call to arms as it was sarcastic, bratty and crude.

Read on to discover some of the seminal tracks of this often under-appreciated movement.

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Britpop! A Beginner’s Guide

Union Jack

In reaction to American grunge’s saturation effect on the music climate in the early ’90s, a counter movement emerged in the UK that rejected the angst-filled slacker ideals of the flannel crowd.  Drawing inspiration from their nation’s rich history of great guitar-based rock and pop, British musicians provided the soundtrack to the massive cultural movement which would become collectively known as Britpop.

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