It Was A Very Good Year: Shelley’s Favorites of 2011


Our 2011 wrap up continues with Shelley Peckham’s list of her favorite albums and live concerts of the past year.

Shelley takes care of business behind the scenes of the True Endeavors Blog.  She manages writers, photographers, and also contributes artist interviews of her own.  Upon meeting this digital diva you’ll quickly realize that she is the funniest gal you’ll ever shake hands with, should you be so lucky. Read on to check out her picks.

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It Was A Very Good Year: Justin’s Favorites of 2011

Justin Kibbel is True Endeavors’ social media wiz kid.  He’s the brains behind our Facebook Page, Twitter, and Newsletter, cranking out content like there’s no tomorrow.  The dude has also been known to make some pretty wicked live concert videos.

Justin lives and breathes music, and it’s always a treat to hear about the new tunes that he discovers.   Read on to see what albums, shows, and videos caught his ears and eyes this year.

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