Weird and Woozy: Black Moth Super Rainbow In Madison

The music collective known as Black Moth Super Rainbow will be playing at the Majestic Theatre September 9, 2011. Somewhere in between sugary pop and experimental wooziness, BMSR’s psychedelic tendencies have been catching the attention of some big names in the music industry. After landing opening slots for the Flaming Lips and Aesop Rock, as well as some high profile shows at SXSW, the cult of BMSR has grown exponentially since the release of their critically acclaimed Dandelion Gum in 2007.

The band’s brand of trippy electronica oozes and drifts aimlessly, with melodies that worm their way slowly to the center of the brain, swirling along with warm analog synthesizers, gently plucked acoustic guitars and rolling bass lines that when added together create layered, off-kilter psychedelic pop songs. Along the top of the mix floats the lead singer Tobacco’s voice, which is mostly processed through a Vocoder and sounds like a pleasantly crooning robot. The rest of the band, Seven Fields of Aphelion, Ryan Graveface, and Iffernaut fill out the outfit’s tone, which comes across almost as organic as it is synthesized due to the group’s love affair with the now ancient technology of Mellotrons and Rhodes pianos.

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Just Announced Madison Concert + Win Tickets: Black Moth Super Rainbow, 09.09.11

Friday, September 9, 2011


“The style is simultaneously familiar in its throwback disco-funk vibe (at times, Eating Us resembles the soundtrack to a malfunctioning 1970s filmstrip) and unsettling in its intimations of a future dominated by big machines whirring along with little to no human intervention. A song like the offbeat ballad “Gold Splatter”—which sounds like a melting robot trying to express love—puts a positive spin on a mood of subtle sorrow, and like the best Black Moth Super Rainbow songs, it sports a rich, satisfying shade of dark.” AV Club


Majestic Theatre, 9pm

Tickets: $15 ADV $18 DOS

All Ages – General Admission

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